3 Madrassas in J&K Opt for Skill Development Course

Progress of ‘Nai Manzil’

Srinagar: Three madrassas in the state of Jammu and Kashmir introduced skill development programme under ‘Nai Manzil’ scheme of the Union Government on January 20. Minister for Minority Welfare Ms. Najma Heptullah announced that the Union Government had selected seven skills namely, cultivation of saffron (Zaffran), food processing, embroidery, tourism management, computer and IT software development for the State. The skill courses were introduced in Madrassa Imam Saadi in Bandipore, Madrassa Shah Hamadan in Pampore and another madrassa in Srinagar. The students trained in skills would receive a certificate from the Central Skill Council on completion of the three-month course during which they would also receive a scholarship of Rs. 4,000.


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