High Court Directive to Orphanage – ‘Hold Elections before October 2013’

By A Staff Writer

Bangalore: The Karnataka High Court has directed the Karnataka Board of Awqafs to hold election of the executive body of the Muslim Orphanage. Hon’ble Justice Mohan Shantana Gowda directed the Board to entrust the management of the Orphanage to the elected body within three months. The direction was given following a writ petition filed by social worker Sirajullah Khan. The Waqf Board took over the management of the 120 year old Orphanage in October 2010. Since then it has seen four administrators. Waqf Board Chairman Abdul Riyaz Khan who promised to hold elections of the management committee in an interview to Islamic Voice shortly last June, has since then paid no heed to pleas for early elections. Meanwhile the number of inmates in the Orphanage has been curtailed from nearly 460 to just about 340 and odd.


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