IMRC Distributes Blankets among 5,400 Families across India

Following a sharp dip in temperature, Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) and its implementation partner, Sahayata Trust in Hyderabad distributed blankets among 5400 families and warm clothes among 1000 individuals across various cities and villages in different states of India.
In Uttar Pradesh, 200 blankets were distributed in Najeebabad, 500 in Aligarh, 300 in Saharanpur. In Bihar, 1000 blankets were distributed in Patna. In West Bengal, 300 blankets were distributed in Nadia district, 300 in Howrah, 200 in Kolkata and 200 in North Chaubees Pargana. In Jharkhand, 300 blankets were distributed in Chatra and Palamu district. 100 blankets were distributed in Delhi slums, 300 in Haryana and Punjab and 1700 in the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In UP and Jharkhand, sweaters, shawls, and caps were also distributed among 1000 individuals. “The blankets and clothes were distributed among the poor and needy, mostly widows, who don’t have proper houses and have no proper bedding during the extreme cold,” said Wahid Nadvi, IMRC volunteer from Jharkhand.
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