MSDP Work in 144 UP Blocks

Lucknow: infrastructural development work will be taken up in the 144 minority-concentrated blocks in Uttar Pradesh shortly under the Union Government’s Multi-Sectoral Development Plant (MSDP). The follows the change in policy from Minority-concentrated districts to minority-concentrated blocks across the 90 districts. Of these districts, 25 fall within the state of Uttar Pradesh where Muslims make up nearly 18% of population. Other minorities such as Sikhs and Christians are insignificant in number.
The UP government has chosen to engage an NGO for identification of Muslim-concentrated blocks and has earmarked Rs. 3.50 lakh for the purpose.
Under the MSDP scheme, work on infrastructure such as anganwadi, primary health centres, drinking water, roads, housing under Indira Gandhi Housing Scheme will be taken up.


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