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Flowers are an important part of our lives. They bloom wild in the countryside in wondrous array and blossom in even the densest part of our cities.

There they are, at all important occassions of our lives, bringing great joy and happiness-quite simply they transform our spirits.

The blooms of a tropical garden in all their vibrant profusion of colour are artistically decorated to create products to suit every occassion.

Since ancient times flowers have traditionally served to convey feelings................

“Blossoms” brings you this unique and ecofriendly organically grown flowers handpicked and pressed each day. No chemicals or artificial colourings used. All items are made with handmade paper (which is processed by recycling cotton rags and enchanced with natural fibres like straw, gunny or wool) and natural wood, like rose, teak and red cedar.

Products which bring the soothing and uplifting effects of nature into ones life.

275 x 375 mm

TABLE MATS (Set of 6)

Intricate flower work protected by lamination adorns each piece
making your dining table a joy to behold

200 x 300 mm (Medium)


Japanese style foldable shades with flowers on each panel come in big small and medium sizes Gives brilliant elegance to any interiors

200 x 200 mm (Medium)


Frame made of rose wood comes in round and square shapes in big,
medium & small in assorted designs. Colourful flowers to adorn your walls

100mm (Diameter)


Made in red cedar wood in assorted designs

290 x 410 mms (Medium)


Tastefully decorated with delicate blossoms and leaves in teak wood 
in assorted designs in big, small and medium sizes.

10 shts / 10 envelopes


Vibrant splash of colour on handmade paper giving a special touch 
to your letters each has a flower decoration..

325 x 272 mm (Medium)


Discover Nature Enshrined

Pine wood frame with preserved red rose, pink carnatians, garlic grass, gypsophilia and statis

“Blossoms” has a multitude of gifts and collectibles to offer, our product
list will be mailed on request.

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