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Chinese and Swiss Professor, among winners of King Abdullah Translation Prizes

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Riyadh: The winners of the 7th King Abdullah International Prize for Translation were announced at a function held at the headquarters of King Abdulaziz Public Library here last month. The prize took its origin from the vision of King Abdullah to consolidate a knowledge-based society and cultural dialogue among peoples. Faisal Bin Abdurahman Bin Muammar, advisor to King Abdullah and supervisor of the library, said that the Board of Trustees considered 154 translation works in 13 languages from 18 countries for the prizes in six categories. The board decided to withhold the translation award in natural sciences from Arabic into other languages because the submitted works did not meet the required standards.
Saeed Bin Faiz Al-Saeed, secretary general of the prize, said that the prize in the category of institutions was shared by Egypt’s National Center for Translations and Tunisian Academy for Sciences and Humanities. In the category of natural sciences translation from other languages into Arabic, Marwan Jabar Al-Wazrah and Hassan Salman Layeqa shared the prize with Saleem Masudi, Abdul Salam Al-Yagfouri and Samia Shaalal for their translation from English and French respectively.
Mustafa Muhammad Qasim (English), Bassam Baraka (French), and Abdulaziz Al-Buraithin (English) were the co-winners in the category of humanities from other languages into Arabic. The prize in humanities from Arabic into other languages was shared by Saleh Al-Anzi, who translated the book “History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” into French, together with Peter Adamson, and Peter Borman who translated the book “Philosophic Messages of Al-Kindi” into English.
Al-Saeed said the prize in the category of efforts in translation by individuals was bagged jointly by Professor Choi Wei Li of Shanghai University in appreciation of his translation of books on Arabic and Islamic culture in Chinese language, and the Swiss Professor Hana Laura Li Yanka, honorary chairperson of the International Permanent Conference for the University Institutes for Translators, for her contributions in promoting studies of translations and providing training to translators.