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Saudi-led Coalition’s Attacks in Yemen ‘may amount to war crimes’: UN

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UNITED NATIONS: A Saudi Arabia-led military coalition has carried out attacks in Yemen that “may amount to war crimes,” UN sanctions monitors reported.
The annual report by the experts who monitor sanctions and the conflict in Yemen, investigated 10 coalition air strikes between March and October that killed at least 292 civilians, including some 100 women and children.
“In eight of the 10 investigations, the panel found no evidence that the air strikes had targeted legitimate military objectives,” the experts wrote in a 63-page report presented to the Security Council recently. “The panel considers that some of the attacks may amount to war crimes.” The experts said Saudi Arabia is leading a military coalition made up of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan.
“The panel finds that violations associated with the conduct of the air campaign are sufficiently widespread to reflect either an ineffective targeting process or a broader policy of attrition against civilian infrastructure,” the report said.