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Islamic Voice is being published from Bangalore and is dedicated to promoting the cause of Islam & Muslims Since January 1987. Islamic Voice carries many articles of everlasting value. They could be read, referred and used in varied forms over and over again. You, your family and coming generations can benefit from the contents anytime. 



  •  News from the Muslim World
  • Community Round-up
  • Men, Missions & Machines
  • Women in Islam
  • Why I Embraced Islam
  • Articles by Eminent Scholars
  • Commentary on
  • Qura’n and Hadith
  • Children’s Corner
  • Qura’n and Science
  • Islam & Economy
  • Questions  and Answers (Our Dialogue)
  • Community Development Issues
  • Problems, Insights and Reports
  • Articles on Comparative Religion & many more articles for the entire family


A brief profile – A.W. Sadathullah Khan BSC, BE (Mech)

 A. W. Sadathullah Khan hails from the leading I T hub of the world and culturally rich city of Bangalore, India.  Although a mechanical engineer by profession, he has dedicated his life to serving humanity.

He is a journalist, a publisher and the editor of the renowned English monthly, Islamic Voice, since January 1987.

He is also the founding Director of Peace for You, International Foundation. He has spent many years in designing a unique 3 day workshop, “Discover Yourself”, based on Qur’an AND Sunnah.

Since July 2002, he has conducted over 400 three day workshops in all major cities of India (Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Port Blair, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Manipur, Guwahati, Bhopal, Surat, Srinagar, Lucknow, Surat……) and abroad which has brought about changes in the lives of thousands of participants who have attended his workshop.

Successful workshops have been conducted across the Middle-East in Dubai; Abu Dhabi, Muscat; Qatar, Kuwait; Saudi Arabia;Bahrain, UK, Norway, Sri-Lanka, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Singapore and in Karachi.


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