Unbridled Greed

This is with reference to the write-ups ‘Ponzi Firms’ and ‘The Plight of lepers’ descendants of Kashmir’ (IV Jan ’19). The unbridled greed for making a fast buck among many of us has marred the image of the community. The unethical stratagem adopted by the so-called ‘Halal’ investment companies to cheat the gullible Muslims, with the active support of clerics, I think, has even outwitted Charles Ponzi! A day may come when the community may be nicknamed/labelled as ‘Ponzi Community’!
Regarding the plight of lepers’ descendants in Kashmir, it is really distressing to note that lepers have been ostracized and are condemned to lead a life in solitary confinement. This negative mindset towards lepers among Kashmir Muslims is unbecoming. Leprosy is a curable disease… Moreover, leprosy has been officially eradicated through the National Leprosy Eradication Programme, launched by the Ministry of Health.
Khaleel Ahamed, Tumkur


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