Self-Discovery and Transformation: Insights from the  “Discover Yourself” Workshop

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Self-Discovery and Transformation: Insights from the “Discover Yourself” Workshop

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The “Discover Yourself” workshop, organized by Aligarh International School in Aligarh from May 25-27, 2024, proved to be a transformative experience for the participating teachers.

Here are their reflections:
• Innovative Teaching, Life-Changing Experience: The workshop’s innovative approach in teaching simple yet valuable life lessons was truly life-changing for me.
• Golden Opportunity for Personal Growth: It felt like a golden opportunity to work on myself and make significant changes.
• Overcoming Overthinking and Anxiety: Previously an over-thinker, I now notice many positive changes in my life, free from stress and anxiety.
• Excellent Workshop, Answers to Questions: This workshop was excellent (Masha Allah) and provided answers to all my questions.
• From Stressful to Self-Realization: Before the workshop, I was often stressed, angry, and judgmental. Now, I realize I can solve my problems instead of creating them.
• Clear Mind, Free from Negativity: Alhamdulillah, my mind is clear now, free from negativity.
• New Perspective, Peaceful Life: After the workshop, I see myself in a new light and have found peace. I’m truly enjoying this newfound clarity. Thank you for this opportunity.
• Control Over Emotions, Colorful Life: I’ve learned to control my anger and overthinking, living more in the present. My life, once black, is now colorful.
• Transformed Perspective on Relationships: The workshop has tremendously changed my perspective on relationships. I hope to positively influence how others perceive me.
• Mind-Blowing Clarity: The workshop was mind-blowing, offering clarity on all my previous questions and confusions.
• Very Informative, Self-Discovery: It was very informative and helped me discover many things about myself.
• Distinguishing Patience and Submission: I now understand the difference between patience (sabr) and submission. I enjoyed the coach’s facial expressions and the energy that kept us engaged for 7 to 8 hours.
• From Darkness to Freedom: Previously feeling in the dark, the workshop has completely changed my outlook. I now feel a sense of freedom and lightness, unburdened.
• Life-Changing Journey: This workshop marked the start of a new journey for me, with a newfound positive energy and a commitment to practicing the ‘No question’ policy.
• Excellent, Interesting, Valuable: The workshop was excellent, interesting, and incredibly valuable. I feel like I’ve discovered a new person within myself.
• Opportunity for Self-Correction: It provided a great opportunity for self-correction. Addressing long-unanswered questions has left me feeling light-hearted, Alhamdulillah.
• From Aggression to Reflection: Previously always in an aggressive mode, I now believe in changing myself first before expecting change in my family members.
• Spiritual Transformation: Initially unsure of its impact, I can now confidently say the workshop has spiritually transformed my life. It’s truly amazing.
• From Negativity to Positivity: Before the workshop, I saw everything, including myself, very negatively. After three days, I feel like an entirely new person.
• Wonderful Workshop, Real-Life Connections: The workshop was wonderful, and I wish it could be accessible to everyone in every city. The way it connected topics to real-life problems was truly amazing.

MONAZ: A Journey to Clarity: I felt a sense of ‘rebirth’ after attending the workshop. My life was very unclear, but now I see changes happening gradually. I’ve realized the mistakes I was making, even up to today. After the workshop, my family was shocked by the changes in my behavior. I gained the ability to distinguish between what is good and evil. Now, I am free from all tensions.

SUGHRA: A Transformative Experience: Alhamdulillah, when I came to attend the workshop, I was curious and filled with questions about how one could change their life in just three days. However, the way the coach guided us, reflecting our real lives back to us, was transformative. He motivated us, connected our worldly experiences to our faith in Allah, and helped us release our emotions, feelings, and guilt. I am now free of all negative emotions. This workshop is incredibly valuable as it truly helps in self-transformation. We need such workshops in every city.

NIDA: Finding Relief and Gratitude: Before the workshop, I was in pain, disturbed, and unsatisfied with my life. After attending, I felt a profound sense of relief, happiness, and gratitude. The changes in my behavior have surprised my family, and they have started treating me differently, mirroring the way I now treat them.

SAIMA: A Journey of Self-Improvement: Before the workshop, my life was filled with confusion and self-doubt. I constantly questioned myself and my decisions. However, since attending the workshop, I feel calmer and strive not to react impulsively or pass judgment. My family has noticed a positive change in my perspective as well.

I no longer let things affect me as much, although I still occasionally react. I am committed to changing myself, taking responsibility for my actions, and avoiding the blame game. I am learning to accept myself and work on self-improvement. Insha’Allah, I will continue to focus on this journey of personal growth.