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Transformative Insights: Reflections from the “Discover Yourself” Workshop

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For the teachers of Brainy Stars International Montessori & School , Bangalore (June 7-8, 2024) Reflections from Participants

• Realization of Life’s Reality: I realized the reality of my life.
• Stress-Free Experience: The feelings and experience were good, and I am now stress-free.
• Essential for All: This workshop is most needed for students, teachers, and families.
• Heart Over Mind: Before the workshop, my mind was my reference point, but now my heart is my reference point in life.
• Simplicity in Life: I realized that life is simple, but I was making it complicated.
• Transformative and Grounding: The workshop is excellent for transforming oneself, living in the present, and being satisfied with what you have. Accepting reality and seeing and treating everyone as human beings.
• Spiritual Perseverance: This workshop is an eye-opener and has given me the strength to persevere in my path to Allah. I am willing to accept the will of Allah and submit to it.
• Overcoming Fear of Judgment: It was worth the time. I thought I was an introvert, but I was actually afraid of people’s judgments. Now I realize they have no power over me unless I give it to them. I have started talking to people.
• Understanding Truth and Falsehood: It is very helpful as it guides us to understand and distinguish between truth and falsehood.
• Answering New Questions: It was fabulous, Alhamdulillah. I got many answers to my new questions that arose during the workshop.
• Discovering the ‘New Me’: Thank you for helping me find my ‘NEW ME.’ I got an opportunity to know about life in the simplest way.
• Behavioral Change: It’s only been two days since I attended the workshop, and I can already see a small change in my behavior.
• Responding vs. Reacting: The workshop helped me to understand other people’s perspectives and how to respond rather than react.

YASMIN: Embracing Peace and Reality: After attending this workshop, I learned how to live a happy and peaceful life. My family members noticed a significant change in me. I have learned to accept reality and live peacefully. This workshop has the potential to change many lives.

ZEBA: A Life Transformed: The workshop was very informative and interesting. I have never encountered such an insightful coach in my life. My life has changed significantly after attending the workshop.

TASMIYA: From Reaction to Response: Before the workshop, I used to stress about every situation and react immediately, finding it difficult to accept reality. But now, Alhamdulillah, I respond rather than react. I accept reality, and life seems easier than before. My family members were excited about the experience I shared with them. While I couldn’t explain it as well as the coach did, Alhamdulillah, they felt it was worth it.

MUSKAN: Learning and Sharing New Perspectives: The workshop was excellent and entertaining. Alhamdulillah, I am happy to have attended and learned so much. I learned how to handle situations and communicate effectively with others. I aim to listen to my heart and act accordingly. I am eager to share what I learned with my family members and help them change their perspectives.

HEENA: Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: The workshop was mind-blowing. It helped me step out of my comfort zone and learn many things about myself. While some of my family members have expressed positive reactions, others have been negative. Nonetheless, it was a very good experience.

SHAZIA: Confronting Ego and Finding Peace: Before attending the workshop, I was often confused and unsatisfied. After attending, I noticed a change in myself. I can now confront my own ego, accept reality, and achieve peace of mind. This type of workshop is essential for the youth.

FAZIYA: Enlightenment and Transformation: This workshop was very useful and informative. Before attending, I was confused about the concepts of heart and mind, and fearful of making decisions. The teachings on heart and mind, Haqq and Batil, were particularly enlightening. I greatly benefited from the coach’s insights on life and how to live it. I shared some of what I learned with my family, and they noticed a positive change in me. I am very grateful for this workshop.