A Super Beneficial Workshop!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was hosted by Jamat-e-Islami Hind in Jalna, Maharastra on the 6,7 & 8 April, 2018, and in Nerul, Navi Mumbai, by Sahara Charitable Trust on the 13,14 & 15, April 2018.

Dys Mumbai
Dys Mumbai
Dys Mumbai
DYS Jalna
DYS Jalna
DYS Jalna

Some of the Participants share their Experiences:

  • Amazing! Helps to find yourself, Islam is easy, Life is beautiful, live fully and let live and I pray this workshop reaches to every home.
  • This workshop inspired me a lot and it is very useful for our day to day life. My life before the workshop was like “I” am only the right person and my opinion is always correct, but now drastically transformed into a good human being.
  • This workshop is the hospital of the soul and happiness. I am free from over thinking and past burdens.
  • I knew Islam, but did not know how to practice in my life. I can clearly distinguish between mind and heart.
  • Misconceptions about life is very clearly distinguished. I understood that Islam is a way of life. Ultimately my family felt the changes in me and the behaviour in my day to day life.
  • Before this workshop, I was not very clear about reality. Islam is not a name for some rituals or activity, but it is a practical way of life based on reality.
  • Before the workshop, I was depressed and after the workshop, I got the feeling of willingness to come into reality. It helped me to explore the reality and live life willingly submitting to Allah. I love mankind for the sake of Allah.
  • Mashallah! This is an awesome workshop and indeed a real eye opener in living life. I was living a life of resentment and upsets. After the workshop, the outlook has changed. Accepting people, the way they are and the way they are not, forgiving and loving people for the sake of Allah.
  • Discover Yourself workshop leads to the path of Jannah and success in duniya and akhirah. Going to Ijtima’s you will gain knowledge of Islam, but coming to DYS makes you a better momin.
  • Before the workshop, I had decided not to forgive anyone, but after attending the workshop, I have forgiven everyone.

CHARLES DERBER: This workshop is super beneficial, I can practice in my day to day life. I can now have distinctions in every situation. There are lots of distinctions which are mostly internal and external and this will definitely help me at my work (professional) as well as personal life as I practice. I cannot “Thank” enough Sadath Sir, for his efforts in delivering the session so passionately and with such commitment. He seems to be an extra-ordinary man and has the personality to make an impact in people’s life as he has made in my life too.
KHATIJA: My approach towards life changed completely. Life has changed in the most amazing way. I was living with so much of stupidity, my behaviour was barbaric and Allah encountered my life with DYS workshop, Alhamdulillah. If I had not attended this DYS workshop, I would have died with many veils.
MUSARAT: I have attended so many workshops and ijtamas, but today I am satisfied with my search. Excellent guidance, up to my mark. Alhamdulillah, I am a practising Muslim. This workshop gave me oxygen and I felt the three days I was in ICU and I have got life supporting systems. I pray, may Allah grant us hidayah and put us on the path of truth.
Dr LATEEF: This workshop placed me on” Sirat -e- Mustaqeem” which certainly give me peace, prosperity and success in duniya and akhirah. The Coach presented Islam and its teachings in a very different, interesting, logical way that was appealing to my heart. This workshop is useful, and it helped me to develop the ability to live in the present. I will start my journey from mind to heart and I will practice continuously for this transformation.
MUBEENULLAH: Before the workshop, I was in my opinion world and in assumptions. But now I can distinguish the world of opinion and reality. I read lot of other philosophical books and know many personality development workshops, but no one presented from the Quranic perspective. This workshop helped me understand the basics.. Huq, Batil, Nafs, Insan, Duniya, Akhirah, Who am I, and the purpose of life. This workshop should be attended by every human being.
SHAHID: It is the need of the hour for youngsters. It helped me shake away my inhibitions, if not I would have been taking all my inhibitions till death. I was not able to cry for the past six years. There were many changes in my life in those six years. Because of that, at a point of time I literally forgot to smile. Second day’s session, I cried my heart out. There is something in this old man! Hats off to you!!
FATIMA: Excellent workshop, now I am transforming myself and will be in the present and in submission state. Before the workshop, I was living in the past and fearing about the future. I was holding my past and all my decisions were based on my past. After attending this workshop, I am enjoying my life and I found peace and confidence.
AYESHA: It clears many confusions. I was a different person, negative in every situation, but after the workshop, I realized myself and was able to go inside myself and got the answers to all my questions. It gave me peace and happiness. My life has changed through this workshop and all my fears and depression has been left behind. My family members are happy to see the changes in me and will practice what I learnt.
AFNAN: It helped me control my anger, ego and work place issues. Alhamdulillah, this workshop came in my life at the right moment and right time. I never thought that the perception I have about myself which was creating problems in my life and my friends, family could be wrong. This workshop has given me a reality- from my opinion. I won’t try to become a good person, but I am a good person. Now! The capabilities that I developed here Inshallah will help me lifelong.
SADAF: It gives new outlook towards Islam. It gave me a new perception to a lot of ideologies I had. It has definitely made me a calmer person. I am approaching life with a new zest and enthusiasm. I am now willing to take up challenges of life with a whole new approach. MY family is happy as I am no longer stressful, judgmental, angry over petty things and approaching life positively. I can clearly say I am a new person.


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