Madurai Memories! – When You Are Peaceful, You Can Spread Peace!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was hosted by the Islamic Peace Centre Trust in Madurai on the 2,3 & 4th September 2016 at Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce & Industry Auditorium. Around 100 men and women participated in the workshop. Some of the participants share their experiences after the workshop:

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  • I had a lot of denying character in my life, after the workshop, I learnt how to get rid of my denial and love my daughter.
  • This workshop is a basic necessity for a person who needs to have peace in his or her life.
  • The workshop helped me to realize what Allah is conveying to us through the holy Quran.
  • I thought the Satan is out some where there, but realized he is within me and the fall of the Muslim community, I know now is because we have lost our values.
  • This is the need of the hour for the Muslim community.
  • Very much essential for the whole of humanity for a better life.
  • Very interesting and found solutions for the present stressed life.
  • I deeply understood what submission is.
  • My anger melted after attending this workshop and I was able to evaluate the reality. It was wonderful. It is the need of the hour.

RAJAH: To attend the workshop was the best thing I have ever done in my life! These words are from the bottom of my heart! I am so much grateful to Sadath sir , a great scholar and I really mean it, the organizers of the workshop , the members of Islamic Peace Centre and My beloved Dad for the wonderful opportunity they  have given me to participate!  I never expected to acquire  so much wisdom. Thank you, thank you all!

NILOFER: Though I was living my life with Islamic values, but was not able to distinguish the internal and external life. Now I am clear how to follow the path of submission and seek the blessings of Allah. I am now able to solve and rectify the problems of my family members with better focus.
SHEERIN: Before the workshop, I was quite short tempered, I was living with the opinion that I am always right and I tend to speak out what I feel. But the result was that many hated me and thought I am stone hearted and stubborn, even my parents thought so. But now, I can understand and acknowledge that I am corrupted internally. I am taking steps towards being a responsible girl. A great change I experience internally.
NOORJAHAN: I learnt how to lead life in a peaceful manner. I learnt how to bring up my children and how to win the war. I will be a good mother in my present and in the future. Thanks for giving valuable ideas and thoughts.
THASNEEM : First day I thought what is going to be so interesting about the workshop, but it was very good and a new experience. Truly I learnt many things which were unknown to me.
MUZAMMIL: I was short tempered and wanted my family members to do always what I wanted!. I changed myself, an eye opener.
ZAREENA: It changed my entire perspective of life! I could discover myself. It was good I attended this workshop, otherwise, I might have hurt my son and family members. I find change in my son’s behavior.
NOUSHAT: You have given me mental strength and peace of mind. I was feeling so bad and was in a disturbed state of mind for the past three years. Now I have left it behind and I will not carry it to the future.
WASIF: Before the workshop, I was in fear, anxiety and not feeling comfortable with life. But now I can face any sort of problem with the help of the Almighty. I really realized who am I? I got the solution from Allah through the wonderful coach.


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