Recalling Forgotten Lessons!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Darul Umoor, Tipu Sultan Advanced Study & Research Centre, Srirangapatna, on the 3,4 & 5 February 2018.
Some of the Participants Share their Experiences:


DYS Srirangapatna
DYS Srirangapatna


The Discover Yourself Workshop was hosted by Jamaat-e- Islami Hind Akola, Maharashtra on the 12, 13 & 14th February 2018. Over 200 both men and women participated in the workshop.

DYS Akola
DYS Akola
DYS Akola


  • Mashallah, Alhamdulillah, a very interesting and excellent workshop.
  • Earlier I was living most of the time in the past, but now I am more in the present.
  • I learnt how to come out of depression and tension.
  • It helped me in many ways and it changed my opinion about people and relatives.
  • The workshop explained the facts of life with many examples from Quran and Sunnah. It was an excellent moment of my life.
  • It changed my view of life and myself.
  • The workshop was very beneficial, whatever we learnt in the Madrassa was recollected and I felt calm and peace.
  • In the beginning, I had a doubt whether I would be able to understand, but the workshop was so simple and beneficial and was beyond expectations. I pray to Allah to accept all your efforts.
  • I have experienced extra-ordinary changes in my life after attending this workshop. I will remove all the weakness and create a good life.
  • I have no words to say as it was beyond my expectations and I am fully satisfied. The good thing about the workshop was that each one of us could forgive each other.

MUAAZ: In the beginning itself sir, had told that as the workshop progresses, you will start recollecting the Quranic verses and Hadiths in your mind and exactly that happened, and all the forgotten lessons which were taught in the Madrassa by our Ustad got reminded and the hearts which were rusted began to be polished and shine once again. I am grateful to sir, for opening our hearts and reminding us the forgotten lessons.

SAEED: I am an Alim, means I have completed all my education from Madrassa. I read the Quran, Hadith, their explanation and Tafseer. I am happy and grateful to Allah for increasing my knowledge about the psychology of Islam through Quran and Sunnah.

NAUMAN: Before the workshop my life was very difficult and after attending the workshop, many changes have come in my life and my mind is clear. I had many questions and I got all the answers to my questions, Alhamdulillah.

TARIQUE: I found the workshop beneficial in the sense that I got the answers to those questions that were haunting me and was not able to understand how to solve them. I was experiencing suffocation and felt that I was in the box, but now I experience freedom and got the confidence that I can do something. I got the listening and communication tools which can eliminate all the misunderstandings and divisions among people. Anyone who attends this workshop, his door to success will open. If this workshop is organized in every city the differences and hatred among the people will be eliminated, love, affection and brotherhood would be established.

IZHARUL HAQUE: I am not able to express my feelings as it is beyond my words. Alhamdulillah, the three days workshop was very beneficial. Before the workshop also, we heard advice from scholars and learned men regarding the problems in life and I did not get any opportunity to participate in such a kind of workshop. In the workshop, I got solutions to many issues of my personal life that I found were very difficult to solve. Now, after attending the workshop, I understood that unless we do not leave the past and future, live in the present, come out from the opinion world to the world of reality, we cannot be successful.

RAZI: I like to state that from this workshop, all my problems and difficulties which I was facing in my life disappeared! Now, I feel all powerful to live life again and got the confidence that I can achieve something.

SAAD: Alhamdulillah! I benefitted a lot from this workshop. Now, I could connect very clearly what our teachers taught us in the madrassa. I realized and feel sad that we were living an unconscious life. Inshallah, I will bring in the changes in my life.

IRSHAD: Before the workshop, I was very confused, but on the first day itself, all my confusion disappeared. On the second and third day, my mind was free and I felt relaxed.

INAMUL HUQ: Life is composed of happiness and sorrow. Here, in the workshop, I learnt the key to be happy in the moments of sorrow. I learnt to take control of my mind and make choices, not to live in the past, but learn from the mistakes of the past and live in the present. May Allah accept all your efforts.


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