Understanding the Distinction Between “Your Way” and “Allah’s Way”

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Bangalore  on October 11,12 & 13, 2013. Men and women from Mumbai, Kerala, Gulbarga, Vanayambadi, Bhatkal and from areas around Bangalore, arrived to attend the Workshop. Here some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

* This is the most practical workshop.
* I want as many people as possible to attain this workshop at least once in their life time.
* Truly life- changing. I was confused, I resolved my life. Now I know myself.
* Exceptionally outstanding, ‘Quintessential’ !
* It is very constructive, beautifully put across and very animating. An eye opener- key to success.
* Excellent, extremely beneficial and informative. May your tribe increase.
* It is very good, it helped me to connect, and follow the right path of Allah.
* It cleansed my soul.
* It was an excellent workshop that I have ever attended, It has totally changed my life.
* To know our ‘True Self’, one really needs to attend this workshop at least once. I was blind and it opened my eyes to see the reality.
* A good opportunity to lead a successful life here and in the hereafter.
* It transforms life and gives eternal peace.
* It is useful in my day to day life as a professional, and more importantly in my household.
* It is very informative, excellent and very illuminating- especially about the simplicity of Islam as a way of life.
* It helped me to live a peaceful and successful life.

HADIA: This is a unique workshop where we were guided to discover ourselves and the way to attain inner peace. Here we taught that Islam is not only external five pillars, but it is a way of life where Quran guides us in all areas of our life. I discovered the practical aspects of Islam, which I was searching for. This is the first time in my life of 60 years, I have attended such a workshop. May be it is not too late to start my life afresh.
ASLAM: I was very tensed before and now I feel free. I am feeling very free, the main reason for this is that I am getting very sound sleep since the last two nights. I was very happy to attend these three days, perhaps for the first time in 72 years of my life, I sat patiently in one place for the whole day listening to one single person, you may call him, master, guru, maulana or lecturer whatever you want to. Sir, I thank you very much. Jazakallah Khair.
MOHIDEEN: The workshop is practical. It opened my eyes, showed the purpose of creation and how to achieve it. It is the first workshop in my 66 years. I attended with expectations and curiosity and within these three days, changes started. I wish I am able to see that all my family members, friends and others also benefit from this workshop. It is an eye opener. I get the message that Islam has a day to day application and a way of life. I thank Mr Khan and his team.
LUTFEEN: It helped me understand the distinction between my way, and Allah’s way. It makes you see yourself from a perspective that you never had known of before. Before the workshop,I was not willing to give up: “I, Me, Myself”. but after the workshop, I believe that every action of mine should be to seek Allah’s love. I am able to let go of my ego and anger.
AMREEN: We know that certain things are right and wrong, but fail to implement good things. This workshop has shown the way to how you can lead a peaceful life and a life on the path of ‘Al-Huqq’. There was a kind of restlessness always, now I find myself in ‘peace’. I am really thankful to Allah and my mom who agreed to send me to Bangalore from Gulbarga, to Sadath uncle and his team for helping me attend this workshop and changing my life. It is a must of all youngsters.
FIRDOUS: Before the workshop I was lost in thoughts, confusion and needed a strong force to make myself stable to be on the right track. But did not find anything of that sort. I used to hold myself responsible for every little thing that happened to me, I used to hate myself out of guilt. But after and during the workshop, I found the key to ‘Eternal Bliss’, by being in the state of submission. I got to know how to accept facts and be happy.
USAID: I had attended the workshop when I was12 years, the only thing I could really get was ‘forgiveness’ for the last 10 years, I have not really carried any baggage. In this workshop, I got ‘LA’ -I can look at everyone as human beings with respect and not judge them. I choose the consequences, I am responsible and I do not blame anyone. I am now a lot more happy and at peace, more confident, motivated and inspired. If one attends this workshop with sincerity, it will change his life.
CHAND SAB: This workshop is useful. It presented the Islamic point of view to follow the truth in our life and live in peace. This workshop showed how it is important to love each and everyone irrespective of religion, caste or creed. It improved my self confidence. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to attend this workshop, may Allah bless you in all your endeavors.
FATIMA: I learnt from this workshop, how to distinguish between good and evil. I got the insights here and pray to Allah to guide me and assist me in over powering my ‘Ego’ and prosper. I have learnt to submit myself first to what is “Reality” and take action. I am 62 years, and this workshop has enlightened me a lot. It is very useful and beneficial to give up my ego i.e. evil and submit to God.
SHAHIN: Before the workshop, I was in the past, all the time. But after attending the workshop, I invented a new possibility of living an upset free life. I shredded all the baggage which I was carrying all these years. It made me transform myself.
SAFINA: There were some personal doubts regarding how to treat other people. I also wished to have a positive attitude in life by wishing the same thing what I want for myself to my brothers and sisters in Islam, but practically, it was not possible. Alhamdulillah, this workshop shed a light on that which helped me to practically change my behavior and I also recognized my ‘ego’ which I would not have recognized on my own.
NAYEEM: Life before the workshop was complicated and now after the workshop, I feel relaxed and peaceful. I felt really good, light hearted and my ego is gone for good now. My family members are happy with my behavior, they like the way I speak and think now.
NAIF: My life was boring and I was not respecting anyone. I used to walk on my way, not Allah’s way. But now I have changed after attending the workshop. Now I have decided that I will just choose Allah’s way and not my way.


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