Very Powerful Paradigm Shift

The Discover Yourself Workshop was organised by the Sirri Saqti Foundation (TSSF) at Aliah University Auditorium in Kolkata on the 13,14 & 15 October 2018. There were over 180 participants in the Workshop.
Some of the participants share their experiences about the Workshop.

It is a training for us to ‘Live the Quran’
I would have not found or known the true meaning of ‘peace’ which is inside all of us and not in the external or materialistic world.
I feel very light because of seeing everyone as human beings.
This workshop makes a human as human beings. I will live willingly Allah’s way.
It helped me to surrender to the will of Allah. It helped me to live and accept reality.
I wish I can invite all human beings to this workshop to make this world a better place.
Thank you very much for giving me the path so that I could see such a beautiful world.
Before I could not control my anger, but after the workshop I am totally changed, and I am now able to control my anger.
I used to live my life by my mind, the rational faculty and from now I will live my life using the realization faculty- the Heart.
After the workshop I know who I am? And will surely treat every person as a human being.
It taught me to live in the moment, a rare Islamic workshop and if I would not have attended, I would never would have known who I am?
The workshop benefitted me in many ways. It helped me to realize the qualities of a human being. It gave me a good realization about the reason why Allah sent us to earth. It gave me a chance to get rid of the Satan.

AINAIN: Scientific approach to know oneself. I was feeling low for some time because of various issues I had created. This workshop has given me a lot of clarity and various distinctions, Huq and Batil, good and evil, past, present, future and self-deception and reality. It has helped me to look within and not get influenced by the external. A very powerful paradigm shift.
FIRDAUS: Before attending this workshop, I was in depression, always blaming myself, cursing myself that I am not a good daughter to my parents. Now I have made up my mind after going home from here to start a new beginning. Whatever happened in the past, I will take lessons from it but never ever repeat it again. Whatever I learned in these three days, I shall Inshallah definitely apply in my daily life. I thank you very much from my heart for helping me change myself.
IRSHAD: Before the workshop, my life was complicated and confusing. I was carrying the baggage of all that had happened in the past. I was complaining and always unsatisfied. But this workshop opened the eyes of my heart. Now, I am free from all the baggages. This workshop transformed me within and changed my whole life. Now, I am living out of the box with a vision of insaniyat. The workshop is beyond words.
KEHKESHAN: If I truly say, before the workshop I lived in a world of assumption, denial, I am right and made up my own reality. I also judged people at first impression and gave the opinion and blamed them. Apart from these, I accepted everything unwillingly. Now, finally I am a free from all questions and willingly have accepted reality and lived in a state of submission, I am in complete peace and connected to Allah.
AFREEN: Before the workshop, I was not able to interact with my family members, I was busy in my own life and was unwilling to talk with my family. But now, after the workshop I am a changed person and now I interacted with my family members and after a long time I spoke to my mother. I felt good. I realized the importance of my family members. The workshop is mind blowing and superb.
SHAHID: My life before the workshop was confined to myself, my pain, my suffering and why always me? It was all about me! I realized that others are also going through the same pain and suffering. This experience helped me to look differently and I came out of the world of opinions and acknowledged what it is. What has happened has happened, it is never going to change but I can change my future, its totally in my hand. By accepting to what is? I liberated myself from the false opinions. The major area of my life that has changed is my perception towards my parents.
MUSLIMA: After my marriage of 27 years and five children, each and every day I spent in depression and grief because I was holding on to whatever had been done to me in the past and I suffered and was not able to come out of the past. But now, I am free with everything. I will never look at my past. My view is clear from my old perceptions which I was stuck for very long years.


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