Matrimonial – April 2013


Sunni muslim parents seeking alliance for their Daughter, fair, good looking, MBA, 5’-5” hijabi and Namazi, 29 years, charming cultured family within nine days nikha broken. Groom should be fresh/ divorced. BE,MS, Shaikh/Syed family, good looking, working in Bangalore. Insha allah immediate marriage. Contact: 9341901767.

SMU educated parents seek Doctor groom with Medical P.G/doing P.G from religious educated family for their MBBS daughter 23/5’-2” fair religious. Mail: [email protected]

SMU parents invite alliance for their daughter, fair, working, good looking, 5’-1”, BBM, 25 years well mannered from decent Islamic family. Groom should be Graduate working good looking, Islamic back ground from a well educated and decent family. Contact: 7899426395/973939311011/8147540385

BANGALORE: SM parents well settled in BLR seek alliance for their fair, tall, good looking daughter, 5’-6”, MBA working in MNC Bangalore from good looking, hand some, BE/ME software engineer boy above, 5’-9”, decent & educated family from Bangalore, must be working in BLR/UAE. Reply with biodata and photos: [email protected], contact: 9844991403

Syed Sunni Muslim parents from Bangalore settled in Dammam, Saudi Arabia invite alliance for their iqama holder 22 years daughter, BBA. Gulf/Bangalore based MBA/Engineer/Doctor preferred. Preference will be given to boy working in Gulf. Please contact by email [email protected]

Hyderabad: Muslim Parents invite match for our daughter aged 24 years, Fair, Ht.5’7”, M.Sc Microbiology. Groom should be well qualified and settled, hailing from a religious family. email Bio-data to [email protected] Phone: 7207149297″

BANGALORE: SM Parents Daughter,M.Com, 25 years, 5’-5”, working as lecturer seeks alliance from professionally qualified ,employed ,well settled boy.No Demands ,Brokers excuse kindly send us resume and photo to [email protected]:9900243905 / 9611841189 / 08025476049

Bangalore SM parents seek alliance for daughter BSc/MBA, very fair,5’-6”, 25 years, from small respectable well educated family. Groom should be BE and/or MS/MBA or CA working in Bangalore US/UK above 5’-8” Contact: 080-40915219/9916570786 Email: [email protected]

Sunni Muslim parents (an educated, cultured & religious family) originally from Hyderabad seek alliance for their daughter age 28, 5’-3”, fair, homely, religious, BE graduate working in MNC firm in Bangalore, from a boy who is religious well educated (professional/graduate/post graduate) well settled in Bangalore belonging to a good cultured family. Preferably from Hyderabad Origin Contact: [email protected] phone: 9591400944 (Aijaz)

Alliance sought for daughter 26 years,5’-3”, MSc (B.Ed) fair, good looking, religious observing hijab. Groom should be 30 years, religious well educated (BE, MBBS, MBA) and from respectable family. Preferably from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore origin. Contact: 9480452358/9901961408, Email: [email protected]

SM parents seek alliance for their daughter, 29 years,5’-2”, working in MNC. The groom should be well settled hailing from Karnataka with religious background. Contact: Mob no 9986921585, 9141792219 and email id – [email protected]

BANGALORE: SMU Engineer Doctor Parents seek Suitable, Fair, Good Looking, Moderate Religious, SW Engineer (BE + MBA) // MS //M.Tech Preferably Working Abroad, from Well to do , Small Family // Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai ,Hydrabad for only Daughtr (Jeddah Brought up), SW Engineer,B.Tech (C.S), 26 / 5’-3”, Fair, Smart, Polite, Good looking, Religious. Send Photo & Detail Biodata: [email protected] / 8904761501

SM Parents invite Alliance for only daughter BBM, 28yrs, 5.3″, fair with pleasent & little chubby looks, namazi yet moderate. Guy should be Deendar, broad minded, well educated and settled (job / business). single/divorcee 30-35 yrs, Email: [email protected]/ Call 9686664865/9740129438.


Divorcee aged 57, Dubai based from Goa manager.from Goa manager. Seek alliance from devout and educated muslima woman willing to live in Dubai. Should know good English and Urdu. Send details and photo: [email protected], 097156-6492986/097152-7365311

Syed parents seek alliance for their son, 27 years 5’-6”, graduate/Diploma in Business management at standard chartered (phone banking). Bride should be graduate, good looking /slim small educated family. islamic back ground. Contact: 9845458528/9663313969

Bangalore based Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their Son 28 years, 5’-6”, B.E, working as a Soft ware Engineer at Bangalore. Prospective bride should be a graduate preferably Non-working and between 23-26 years. Please send your details to [email protected] or contact 9620718237

Bangalore SM Parents invites alliance for their son BE Mch, 28yrs, 5.11ht, handsome, working in MNC Saudi Arab, invites a bride of minimum graduate, beautiful, religious, below 23yrs, above 5.5ht, from respectable family of Karnataka. No demands absolutely, early marriage. Mail your details with photos and biodata to [email protected] mobile 9986400691

Bangalore SM Parents invite alliance for their son Haji, MCA, working in MNC Bangalore, 30y, 6.1ht, hand some Invites a bride of minimum graduate, above 5.6ht and below 25yrs, beautiful, religious, from respectable family from Karnataka. No demands absolutely, early marriage. Mail your details with photo and biodata to [email protected] and contact on 9986400691 visit web site

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their only Son 31 yrs; 5’11”, M.B.B.S.,M.S persuing MCH (urosurgery), bride should be < 25 yrs,, good looking, fair, educated, family oriented,not intending to work/persue job and having high religious values ,from a very cultured and respectable family”.Bangalore: 7204144248,9986755638 Mail ID: [email protected] Sunni muslim parents looking for a bride for their son fair and hand some, 5’-7”, 28 years, technical analyst, B.Com., working in Tesco MNC in Bangalore from a religious educated family. Bride should be fair, beautiful homely and educated. Please contact: mohammed Ibrahim 9986167376

Cuddapah: “Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking parents seek alliance form son, 34 years 5’-6”, B.Sc., permanent job with handsome salary in a reputed government organization. Looking for fair, homely, pious, educated (SSc to PG), non-working bride, aged below 30 from a decent family, in Andhra Pradesh(Rayalaseema region preferred) and Karnataka. E-mail bride’s photo and bio-data to [email protected] , contact 09493984370.”

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for son 35 years, 5’-9”, BSc computer science working in reputed organization also pursuing MBA in “Air lines management”, family having own houses, getting rents looking for a suitable, 5’-3” and above 30 to 32 years age, good looking from decent religious families in Bangalore. Contact bio data with photo E-mail: [email protected] tel: 9845089266/9880292862

KASHMIR: Parents seek alliance for their Son porous religious , PG, B’Ed working as teacher 29 years, 5’-5”, residing in beautiful rural village. Bride should be religious, fair, unemployed MBBS/M.Sc, Namazi, dawih knowing (religious teacher), empathetic to in- laws (mother, father). Insha allah early marriage. Contact: 09018985813/09906952656


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