Matrimonial – December


SM Mother seek alliance for her daughter, 26 years,5’-1”, working in MNC. The groom should be well settled hailing from Bangalore with Religious background. Contact: [email protected] , 9901047838

S.M Ahle Sunnah wal jama religious professional groom unmarried below 32 years required for religious 25 years daughter Niquabi, BE graduate, good looking, very fair, 5’-5”. Please contact: [email protected] 00971505861815

MELVISHARAM (Vellore Dt.tamil nadu): SM urdu speaking parents seek alliance for daughter MBBS, 25 years, 160cms, working in Apollo Hospital, Melvisharam from respectable & religious family. Groom should be a post graduate in medicine, preferably settled in India. Contact: 9443368391/9482872501, Email: [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM Mother seek alliance for her daughter, Fair, 36 years ,5 feet, graduate homely, religious from a boy of matching age from a respectable family. Contact: Hussain: 080-23417627/7259212256, email: [email protected]

Chennai,Tamil Muslim, BE, 33/168, Wheatish, given KHULA (No Kids) from religious & educated family seek religious, professional groom, preferably 34-40. [email protected] ; contact 00971501065517″

SM Parents seek alliance for their very Fair and Beautiful daughter, B.E, 27 years, 5’-5”. Got separated within few months with no issues working in a reputed MNC. Boy should be tall, fair and Handsome, B.E/MBBS, fresh/Divorcee with no issues working Abroad preferably in U.A.E/U.K/U.S.A/Australia from reputed family. Contact: 9739268650/9632548935, E-mail: [email protected]

SM parents seek alliance for daughter, 26 years, B’com, SAP FICO, 5’-3”, working in MNC from educated Bangalore base family. Groom working in India or Abroad Contact: 8861159014/080-26594707, [email protected]

BANGALORE based Sunni Syed muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter, 24 years, BSc, B.Ed, M.B.A, 5’-6”, Fair, Beautiful, charming, religious, belonging to a respectable cultured family. Groom should be Syed, good looking, smart working professionals, Govt. employed, Doctors, Bankers, Businessman with MBA (finance), well settled around 30 years with clean habits, good character, Namazi from a respectable educated family. Insha allah immediate marriage. Agents please excuse. Those who are genuinely interested with no demands, Email biodata with recent full size photo to [email protected] Contact: 9008720132

Sunni Muslim parent (an educated, cultured & religious family) originally from Hyderabad seek alliance for their daughter age 27, 5’-3”, fair, homely, religious, BE graduate working in MNC firm in Bangalore, from a boy who is religious well educated (professional/graduate/post graduate) well settled in India/Abroad belonging to a good cultured family. Contact: [email protected] phone: 9591400944 (Aijaz)

Sunni muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter, married for few days married life, and widow no kids, age 32, 5’-4”, fair, B.Sc, M’Ed, state Govt. employee seeking professional qualified below 38 years, from unmarried/widower no kids, insha allah immediate simple marriage, Secondly seek alliance for their second daughter, M.B.A, M.Lib, aged 27 years, 5’-5”, fair. Groom should be well qualified working professional at Bangalore from decent family Contact: 9342880248

Hyderabad based SM parents invite alliance for their youngest daughter 31, 5’3” belonging to a respected family, working as Sr.Manager in UAE. Groom should be good looking, well settled, working professional with no objectionable habit, hailing from decent family Background. Please send your details n pics.Contact: 9849050266 E-mail: [email protected]

SM innocent widow 38 years, 5’-5”, Slim and beautiful, having 3 children (no need of taking children’s responsibility) from Islamic, standard, educated and rich family. Looking only from Islamic, standard educated and rich family. Unmarried /Widower/Divorcee man with or without children. Preferred Mangalore and nearby Districts. Ph:- +917760596204 Email id: [email protected]

SMU parents invite alliance for their daughter 28 years, 5’-4”, B.E/M.B.A working in MNC bangalroe issueless divorcee obtained qula seeking well qualified boy below 35 years from respectable family. Proposals from India/Abroad, send Biodata/photo to [email protected] or contact: 8050009241/00971556503640

BANGALORE: SM Parents seek alliance for their daughter fair, religious, MSc, working as Lecturer, 33 years, 5’-4”. Groom should be Religious, Professionally qualified, decent family background. Insha Allah early marriage. Contact: 080-65300201/9845938010. Email: [email protected]

Mysore: Alliance invited for SM good looking 51 years divorcee, Groom should be qualified employed or Businessman age around 45-60 years. Contact:9945261255

Sunni Muslim parents originally from Nellore(Andhra Pradesh) settled in Bangalore, seek alliance for their daughter age 26, 5’-1”, fair, homely, religious, B.Com., MBA., from a good cultured family. Partner Preference: The boy should be religious, well educated (BE / MBA), well settled in India / Abroad. Please contact 080-41744249, 9900001107 and 9900223232. Email : [email protected], [email protected]


Sunni Muslim mother alliance for her only son aged 30 years, working in Dubai in managerial position, seeking alliance from respectable families from Bangalore or families based in UAE from Bangalore, early marriage contact: zafar: Mob: No.9986880261/7829645417 or E:mail: [email protected]

Chennai SM Urdu affluent Doctor parents invite alliance for their post graduate doctor son MD, well settled 168 cms,33 yrs, issueless divorcee. Girl should be tall, slim, beautiful, religious from a decent family. Contact with biodata & photo Email: [email protected],mobile:9551760786.

Bangalore based SM (Hanafi-Sheik) parents invite alliance for their son, MD Pediatrics, currently doing Fellowship in Neonatology (USA), 31 years, 5’-7”. Girl should be religious, virtuous, Namazi, MBBS/MD/MS, between 25 & 29 years, from a decent family from Karnataka only willing to go over to US. Mail bio data to : [email protected] or contact over Ph: 9731034390. Brokers excuse.

Sunni Doctor Parent, Son 32 years,5’-9”, M.D, Diab, Very fair, Pleasing features, religious affluent well settled seeks alliance from bride of similar status MBBS/P.G. Contact: 09443276228, Email: [email protected]

Urdu sunni muslim 35 years, 167cm, very religious, well established businessman and very rich family Allahamudllilah. Seeks very fair age upto 28 years religious, respectable, well settled family acceptable in Bangalore or Chennai. Please contact: [email protected], 09444849980

Mysore – SM parents seek suitable alliance for their son.28 Yrs,6 feet,fair,handsome,MCA working as a software engineer for a reputed company at Bangalore.Prospective bride should be BE/M.Sc/MCA/MBA from a descent educated family.Please send your details to [email protected] or contact 9740926293/0821-4242665


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