Matrimonial February 2015 – Groom Wanted

Sunni Muslim educated respected shaikh family seek alliance for their daughter 28, years; MBA, 5.4 Height, Fair looking, Religious. Groom preferably ENGINEER, MBA, MCA OR GRADUATE employed preferably in and around Bangalore city or well settled in business from respectable parents. Contact: 9342077777. Email: [email protected]

SM parents seek alliance for their daughter B.E., 28 yrs 5.7” good looking belonging to a respectable and educated family, working as Technology Leader at INFOSYS USA and holding a valid H1B Visa. Groom should be professionally qualified person hailing from a decent educated family Working in India or abroad. Mail bio-data to [email protected] contact 9632878387.

Mysore: We seek alliance for our daughter, aged 23, height 5’.2”, B.E-E & C, not working, fair, observes Hijaab, We are looking for a well settled, qualified groom from religious family.prefewrably from Karnataka & or settled in Gulf, who believe in no dowry or demands & simple marriage as per Shariah. Our contacts: Cell: 97425 67577 or Email: [email protected]

SM Urdu Baig family seek alliance for daughter 5’.1”, 26 years Msc.,BED fair beautiful religious. Boy should be from respected family educated and suitably employed. Contact: [email protected] Mob.9449002947.Bangalore.

Bangalore: SMU Gulf Returned Parents Mother Doctor, Father Engineer Seek Groom Software Engineer, M.S / M.Tech / (B.E+MBA) India/Abroad, Fair, Smart, Religious, upto 32 years, from Small, Educated, Cultured, Family, for their only Daughter, B.Tech. Software Engineer 28 / 5’3”, Fair, Softspoken, Good Looking, Smart, Religious(Jeddah Broughtup). Send DETAIL BIODATA PHOTOS [email protected] 09035624288

Sunni Muslim, 34 years (B.E.Computer Science) Beautiful homely religious Divorcee Girl (Khula obtained,no-children)seeking religious aged about (34-40) well educated or entrepreneur groom from well settled family from Karnataka, T.N.,ANDHRA PRADESH, Email [email protected] contact no.09952763853.

SMP seek alliance for 30 yrs. Old daughter single, graduate, pleasant looks, she prefers to marry a divorcee/widower from respected family, deendar, educated well settled with pure heart & pleasant looks from Bangalore but settled in any part of world .contact at 9686664865, Email: [email protected]

SM parents invite alliance for their fair, beautiful daughter 25 years, ht.5’.3”. MSc. working in central Govt. as project Asst. looking for well settled religious, small family working in Govt. service, age around 30 years. Send bio-data with photo on email:[email protected] or 080-26701643

SM Educated parents invite alliance for daughter aged 25 years B.E. M.Tech (Goldmedalist) 5ft.4”, slim wheatish, observes hijab and employed. Groom from educated family Govt.Job,technical professional. Send Bio data, photo to Email: [email protected] Mob. 9980304754

SMU Parents seek alliance for their Daughter 25 years 5.3” Alima, M.A (Arabic), fair religious observes hijab. Groom should be well educated religious well settled from decent family around Bangalore. Email photo & Bio Data [email protected] Ph.9481424701.

Sunni Muslim Parents seek alliance for their daughter 27years,Ht.5.4” Bcom-MBA,CA, working in a MNC as a senior Associate religious, modern outlook. Groom should be handsome, post graduate, well settled, religious, modern mindset. Contact: 988619197.Email: [email protected]

Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 23 years, M.Com. PGFM height 5.11 observes Hijab, working for MNC, good looking from educated well settled Grooms. Father working as an Officer at Reserve Bank of India, Bangalore. Contact at 9448239863, Email: [email protected]


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