Matrimonial – January 2013


Bangalore/Hospet: Muslim Parents invite match for our daughter, aged 30 years, Ht. 5’4”, Diploma in Computer Science. Groom should be well settled, qualified and religious family. Contact: 9243460157 / 9731194461, Email: [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM girl 22, fair, B.Com, 5’-8”, religious from a business family, girl willing not to work, seeks alliance from a boy, either doctor or IT engineer from a respectable family. Parents of Gulf-employed boys can also approach. Boy should be at least 5’-10”or above and aged not above 30. Early marriage. Contact: Amjad ph: 9611104541 (between 5pm -10pm) email: [email protected]

S.M.Syed parents seek alliance for their only daughter, married for a short period and obtained Qula. Aged 29 years,MBBS, 5’-5” very fair and beautiful and religious. Groom should be Doctor (MD/MS) or Engineer (BE/MS) must be a religious from decent family. Contact: [email protected] , Contact no: 8792200626

SM Mother seek alliance for her Daughter, 26 years, 5’-1”, working in MNC . The groom should be well settled hailing from Bangalore with religious background. Contact: [email protected] , 9901047838

Bangalore based S.M SHAIK parents seek alliance from NRI’s, Doctors, Engineer, IT Professionals well qualified residing in European/Gulf countries (Except Saudi) with good Islamic values decent well Educated & religious families for their Daughter, Aged 30 years, Height 5’-6”,, PGPHRM, MBA very fair and good complexion presently working as HR Specialist for a Reputed MNC at Dubai UAE. Preference will be given to Bangalore based family groom. Those Genuinely interested with NO DEMANDS please send photo, Bio-data, Email: [email protected] , cell no.+91 9481807467,+91 9700133639, +91 9704345003, Match Makers Excuse.

Sunni Muslim parent (an educated, cultured & religious family) originally from Hyderabad seek alliance for their daughter age 27, 5’-3”, fair, homely, religious, BE graduate working in MNC firm in Bangalore, from a boy who is religious well educated (professional/graduate/post graduate) well settled in India/Abroad belonging to a good cultured family. Contact: [email protected] phone: 9591400944 (Aijaz)

SM Parents seek alliance for their daughter, Widow, having 2 daughters, B.Com, 32 years, observing Hijab, God fearing. Groom should have sufficient income, Businessmen, official , religious, No Dowry , simple marriage. Send bio-data and photo to Post Box No: 1033.

Bangalore based SM Parents invite alliance for their 29 years old daughter working as Senior Journalist with a leading English Daily in the city. Preference will be given to Boys working in the Media. Please send bio-data with pictures to [email protected] or contact parents at: 8904847729

Affluent family smart haseen jamil Deshiza gori alia, B.Sc (CS) attractive face 23 years, 5’-4” alliance from gracious family employed boy, MBA, MCA, Graduate, Excuse Email/Agent: 9019354702

Sunni Muslim Shaik for their Second daughter, age 24, 54’-4” ,qualification BA(DCA computer course) job at pvt company in Bangalore. Contact: 9738107152/9916429786

S.M. parents seek alliance for their daughter, M.B.A, M.Lib, aged 27 years, 5’-5”, fair, religious, khan family.Groom should be well qualified working professional at Bangalore from decent family. Contact: 9342880248, Email: [email protected]

Sunni Muslim Parents from Bangalore invite alliance for their daughter aged 27, educated, issuless divorcee boy should be from respectable & religious family background. E-mail: [email protected] call: 9844587869

SM parents seek alliance for their daughter B.E., 26yrs 5.6” good looking belonging to a respectable and educated family, working as a SeniorSoftwareEngineer (Technology Analyst) in a reputed MNC at Chicago, USA. Groom should be good looking and well settled Professional hailing from a decent family. Preference will be given to those who are working/setlled in USA. Preferable qualification of the Groom: B.E, M.S., B.E, M.Tech., M.B.B.S. M.S. email biodata to [email protected] contact, 9632878387, 9611995800.

SM parents seek alliance for their daughter M.COM., NET, PGDFM 25yrs 5.6” good looking belonging to a respectable family, working as Assisstant Proffesor in Commerce at Post Graduation Centre at Mysore. Groom should be good looking and well settled hailing from a decent family who is equally qualified and employed. send the biodata along with photos to [email protected] and contact: 9986958139, 9611995800.

SMU parents invite alliance for their daughter 28 years, 5’-4”, B.E/M.B.A working in MNC bangalore issueless divorcee obtained qula seeking well qualified boy below 35 years from respectable family. Proposals from India/Abroad, send Biodata/photo to [email protected] or contact: 8050009241/00971556503640

Sunni Hanafi Khan Wing Commander from sultanpur (U.P) settled in Bangalore invites alliances for working daughters BCA, 34 years, 5’-2”, M.COM,MBA, 28 years, 5’-4” from respected families preferably from north settled in Bangalore (m)09035669378


SM Parents seek alliance for their Son, smart meritorious 29 years, 5’-10, BE, persuing MBA, working in USA higher position from religious & decent family. Girl should be beautiful age below 24 years, 5’-5” educated engineer, graduate from religious & respectable family. Contact with bio data & photo: 9448933836, 08385-224300 [email protected]

Bangalore: SM Parents seek alliance for their son age 35 years 5’-9”, BSc computer science back from UAE after 8 years now pursuing advance courses. Bride should be good looking, religious educated aged 25-30 years, minimum qualification, BE/MBA/Graduates . Contact: 9880292862/9845089266, Email id: [email protected]

Bangalore: SM Haji 30 years, 6’-1” fair handsome, MCA working as software engineer for a reputed company at Bangalore, prospective bride should be age between 20-25 years, 5’-6” and above, minimum graduate from a decent educated family. No demands absolutely No mediators, early marriage. Contact with bio data & photo email: [email protected] 9986400691

SM Sheik parents (Bangalore) looking for a bride for their son fair,handsome and religious, 5’11”, 28years, MBA, having its own business. Girl should be religious, fair, beautiful, slim, non working from a religious and decent family CONTACT : 080 – 23519056 / 9886723350. EMAIL : [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM Family invite alliance for Son, 33 years, 5’-11”,(M.E-Software) very Fair and very handsome and haji, working in UK. Girl must be very fair and beautiful, Engineer/P.G, religious, more than 5’-4”, homely of respectable family (prefer Syed). Contact:8971295344.

Sunni Muslim mother invites alliance for her only son aged 30 years, working in Dubai in managerial position, seeking alliance from respectable families from Bangalore or families based in UAE from Bangalore, early marriage contact Zafarulla Shariff +919880679204 or by E-mail: [email protected]


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