BANGALORE: SM parents seek alliance
for their daughter BE., Computer Science,
28 years, 5’-4” beautiful, charming,
belonging to a respected family, working
as S/W Engineer in Bangalore. Groom
should be tall, good looking, well
settled, working professional with no
objectionable habit, hailing from decent
family Background from Karnataka Only.
Contact: 9880754637/9901055366,
E-mail: [email protected]

MYSORE: Sunny Muslim Highly
educated small family invites alliance
for their only daughter 27 years, MBBS,
good looking fair and innocent. Groom
should be Doctor or Engineer with
MBBS, MD, MS,BE must be from a
decent family back ground. Contact: 9986485946

BANGALORE: SM Urdu parents seek
alliance for daughter BSc, MBA, fair,
5’-6”, 25 years from respectable well
educated family. Groom should be BE/
MS/MBA working/ settled in USA/UK .
Contact 080-40915219/9916570786.
Email: [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM alliance invited
for tall, fair, MCA, employed girl from
suitably employed boy from decent,
cultured family. Girl’s mother is Govt
School teacher. Early marriage. Contact
with resume. Email: [email protected] or call: 9902341343

BANGALORE: Shaik SM Parents
seek match for their only a few months
married life and Qula obtained issueless
daughter, BE, well settled, working
in MNC Bangalore. 32 years, 5’-6”,
fair. Groom must be BE, shaik/Syed
working in Bangalore, Hyderabad,
USA,UK,germany from religious
respectable family unmarried/ Divorcee
& issueless. Contact: 9845768661.
Email: [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM parents invite
alliance for daughter 30 years, 5’-5”
MBA, employed. Groom to be BE/
MBA employed no demands Contact:
9972014860, 080-32401987. Email:
[email protected]
MYSORE: SM Parents seek alliance
for their only daughter. Fair, 21 years,
5’-4”, BE (E&C fresher selected for
MNC). Groom shaik/Syed BE working
professional within 30 years. Contact
with photo/details to [email protected]
com. Ph: 9880480350

BANGALORE: SM Parents seek
alliance for their daughter. Fair, good
looking, graduate, 5’-5”, 30 years,
religious innocent divorcee. Groom
should be well settled, educated from
decent family. Contact: 7829385007.
Email: [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM Parents seek
alliance for their daughter BE (IT), aged
24 years, 5’-3”, charming. Working
belonging to a decent family. Groom
should be well Qualified working
professional at Bangalore from a decent
family. Email: [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM Parents of Daughter,
religious, MSc, 24 years, 5’-0”, seeks
response from Parents of religious,
professionally qualified well settled boy
from Karnataka. Contact with resume,
scanned photo: [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM parents invite
alliance for their Daughter. Fair and slim,
22 years, 5’-5”, B’com. Groom should
be professionally qualified from Decent
family, background in Bangalore only.
Contact: 8453663372/8892420009
SM Parents seek alliance for their
daughter BE, 25years, 5’-6” good
looking belonging to respectable family
working as a senior Software Engineer in
a reputed MNC Mysore. Groom should
be good looking well settled working
professional hailing from decent family.
Email bio data: [email protected]
Contact: 9611995800/9632878387.
Preferable BE,MS, M.Tech, MBA,

BANGALORE: SM Parents seek
alliance for their daughter 23 years,
5’-3”, beautiful, charming, belonging to
a syed’s family. BE completed working
at INFOSYS ltd. Groom should be
preferably BE/MBA settled in India with
Islamic values & religious family back
ground. Contact: 7899269988. Email:
[email protected]

HASSAN: SM Parents seek match for
their only daughter aged 27 Married
for few months & qula obtained
issueless,deeni, working as staff Nurse
@ govt hospital & willing not to work in
future, 5’-4”.Groom should be deeni
and educated from religious and decent
Family. Divorced/issueless. Age 30 -35.
Contact: 8722696001 /9663111106,
Email: [email protected]

SMU Parents 27 year/5’-4”BE/MBA
working as HR Manager in MNC
Bangalore, issueless innocent Divorcee,
seeking well qualified Boy below 35
years from respectable family Proposals
from abroad preferred. Send Bio-Data/
Photo to Email Id: [email protected]
or Contact:8050009241/0097155 6503640

BANGALORE: SM Parents seek
alliance for their daughter, 33 years,
5’-3”, B’tech, working in MNC, Qula
with no issues. Groom should be
Namazi, religious from decent family,
well settled, BE/B’com, working in
professional companies. Contact:
9739260392/8095994190, Email:
[email protected]

BANGALORE: SM Parents seek alliance
for their innocent divorcee(marriage
broke up in 3 days) , 26years, 5’-4”,
BSC, looking for a boy from decent
family should be educated and well
settled. Contact: 9980202128,Email:
[email protected]

BANGALORE: Bangalore based
parents invite alliance for their only
daughter, 24 years, 5’-2”, BDS (Dentist),
fair, beautiful. Groom should be good
looking, well educated, well settled
professional from educated, respectable
family. Please contact or E-mail with
photo and details to: [email protected] Mobile: 9880834034.
SM parents seek alliance for their
daughter aged 24 yrs ,5.3 ,fair ,
religious, B Com .Groom should be
from a respectable family ,tall ( above
5.7 ),well settled, educated (B.E/MBA/
MCA) preferably settled in Gulf with
a bangalore base from a religious
background .Pls contact 9686123911
Email [email protected]


HUBLI: Looking for a Bride aged
between 23 to 29 for a groom based
in Hubli. The groom has a business
of his own and comes from a very
respectful family. The girl is expected to
be a House wife after marriage and will
be required to stay at Hubli. We don’t
believe in Dowry system. If interested
please drop an email: [email protected]

US CITIZEN: Honest, Religious, 49,
5’-5” 145lb; Edu 9th Grade. Profession
Technical seeking kindhearted,
practicing Sunnimuslimah. Widow,
Divorcee respond. Detail and
Photo must. [email protected]

BANGALORE: SM parents seek
alliance for son aged 34, 5’-6” , fair and
slim BE (Elect) working in USA. Seeking
bride 27-30 years, 5’- 5’-3” graduate, fair
and slim Contact: 09164864434 Email:
[email protected]

BANGALORE: Sunni Syed parents
invite alliance for son, 28 years, fair,
5’-8” Diploma Engineering in ( E&C)
working as Network Engineer in
Bangalore. Bride should be educated,
fair, beautiful Syed or Shaik from good
family. Contact: 9980364492
SM Parents invite alliance for their
son aged 29 years BE working in MNC
Bangalore issueless divorcee. Girl should
be from a respectable family religious
good looking and non working graduate
from Bangalore. Early simple marriage.
Contact: 9945211226/080-23655776,
Email: [email protected]


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