Aligarh Muslim University is Slipping Out  of Muslims’ Hands, but Muslims Are Asleep!

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Aligarh Muslim University is Slipping Out of Muslims’ Hands, but Muslims Are Asleep!

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The minority status of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is under threat as the Modi government argues that it should be revoked, asserting that the university belongs to the nation, not just Muslims. This case is being heard by a constitutional bench in the Supreme Court, with harsh comments made against AMU’s current status daily.

Losing the minority status would be a significant loss, undermining minority welfare provisions guaranteed by secularism and democracy, a promise given to Muslims by the Constitution. The RSS has mobilized intellectuals to campaign against AMU’s Muslim status, aiming to eliminate Muslim influence, appoint a Hindu Vice-Chancellor, and question why Muslim facilities and staff dominate the university.

Muslims must wake up from their negligence and actively defend AMU’s status. The court is watching for their reaction, and the RSS is running malicious campaigns on social media.

Political, religious, and national Muslim leaders need to issue strong statements, organize protests, and write letters to the Chief Justice and the President. Students from other universities should join in legal protests, and AMU alumni globally must take action and support the cause.

Collaboration with Ambedkarite leaders is crucial to counter the RSS’s efforts. Securing support from influential figures like Prakash Ambedkar and Bhim Army’s Chandrashekhar is vital. If the decision is unfavorable, preparations for a sustained protest, similar to Shaheen Bagh, should begin.

Muslim leaders and organizations must act immediately to prevent significant loss. Even starting efforts today can help save Aligarh Muslim University for future generations. Political and religious leaders, along with AMU alumni, must take a stand, organize awareness gatherings, and demonstrate their support. The common man will eventually join in support.