Eighteenth Lok Sabha and the Issue of Muslim Representation

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Eighteenth Lok Sabha and the Issue of Muslim Representation

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The general elections have ended, and the aftermath reveals a disturbing trend: Muslim representation from Maharashtra has dropped to zero, with only 24 to 27 Muslim members in the entire Lok Sabha. Despite this alarming development, the Muslim community remains largely indifferent.

The Modi government, backed by the RSS, is actively seeking to revoke Aligarh Muslim University’s minority status, aiming to diminish Muslim influence in institutions and politics. This issue underscores a broader problem: Muslims are being sidelined in the political arena, yet their efforts to preserve democracy and secularism often go unnoticed.

Despite their significant contributions, Muslims face declining representation. During recent discussions among secular leaders and social workers, the diminishing presence of Muslims in legislative bodies was acknowledged but deemed secondary to protecting the constitution and democracy.

Efforts like the formation of the Muslim Voters Council of India were dismissed by secular parties for fear of vote splitting, yet leaders like Abdul Bari Khan persisted. This movement caused enough anxiety among secular parties to highlight the necessity of maintaining pressure.

Muslim organizations must focus on ensuring representation in upcoming elections. Relying on other political parties has historically failed to address Muslim interests. Instead, Muslims should build and strengthen their own political platforms, fostering leadership within their community.

It’s time for Muslim leaders to step up and advocate for their rights. Muslims have the capacity to make informed political decisions and should focus on education and economic advancement while also pushing for political representation. By uniting and leveraging their strengths, Muslims can establish a significant political presence and secure their rights.