Muslim Community-Run Medical Coaching Centers  Shine Amid NEET Controversies

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Muslim Community-Run Medical Coaching Centers Shine Amid NEET Controversies

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The National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) this year was marred by allegations of corruption and irregularities, yet amidst the chaos, community-run medical coaching centers emerged as beacons of success. Institutions like the Shaheen Group of Institutions (Bidar), Rahmani 30 (Patna), Al-Ameen Mission (Howrah), and Brainy and Bright Academy (Lucknow) achieved remarkable results, offering hope to underprivileged students nationwide.

Shaheen Group of Institutions, headquartered in Bidar, India, saw exceptional performance with over 16,000 students enrolled across its campuses. Out of 720 students, eight scored above 700 marks, including names like Shifa Shamim, Khan Safwan Muhammad Asif, and Muhammad Ibrahim Altaf, each scoring 705 points. Since 2008, Shaheen has secured over 4,200 government medical seats, underscoring its impact on students’ lives.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer, founder chairman of Shaheen Group of Institutions, attributed this year’s success to a focused academic environment free from distractions like tuition and cell phones. He highlighted Bidar’s transformation into a hub for medical education, reminiscent of its historical educational prominence.

Similarly, Al-Ameen Mission in Howrah, West Bengal, also made significant strides, with 11 students scoring between 700 to 715 marks in NEET. Established in 1987, Al-Ameen Mission has been pivotal in uplifting the underprivileged Muslim community, reflecting its commitment to education as a catalyst for social change.

In Bihar, Rahmani 30 witnessed a remarkable 52% increase in students scoring above 600 marks in NEET, with 70 students achieving this feat this year. Fahad Rahmani, CEO of Rahmani Mission, highlighted the dedication of students and staff in achieving these results, emphasizing Rahmani 30’s integrated coaching approach.

Brainy and Bright Academy, Lucknow, founded in 2023, also celebrated its inaugural success with 13 students scoring over 600 marks in NEET. Director Syed Tanveer Ahmad praised the institution’s supportive environment and ethical standards, aimed at providing quality education to aspiring medical students.

Despite controversies surrounding this year’s NEET exam, with concerns over irregularities and alleged paper leaks, these community-run institutions have demonstrated resilience and excellence in preparing students for competitive exams.

The NEET exam, conducted on May 5 across numerous centers in India and internationally, saw 24 lakh students appearing for the test. The subsequent release of results on June 4 revealed unprecedented achievements, albeit amid lingering suspicions of malpractice.