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By A Staff Writer

Mangalore: Salaam Centre, Bangalore distributed nearly a thousand copies of the holy Quran’s translation among cops from 20 police stations here during January., 2014.
The Centre had organized its pavilion at the ten-day Mangalore Book Fair for its “Quran for All” pavilion. The display of the books at the stall attracted thousands of visitors who received a gift packet of some books on Islam, Prophet Muhammad and the translation of the Holy Quran.
Taking time out of the book fair, Centre Chairman Syed Hamid Mohsin approached the Police Commissioner Mr. R. Hitendra at his office which was located opposite the Fair pavilion. He sought permission to distribute the translation of the Holy Quran in Kannada language among the policemen under his dispensation in order that the policemen could directly access the message of Islam and see for themselves if religion of Islam preaches hatred and terrorism as is made out by the opponents of Islam or by hostile media. He was delighted when Mr. Hitendra accepted his offer. Availing the opportunity offered by him, the Centre organized the distribution of the copies of the translation of the Quran, books such as ISLAM, Facts vs. Fiction (Tappu Kalpanegalu), ISLAM For You (Shantiya Dharma) FOLLOW ME, (Muhammad Sarwajanara Prawadi) etc among the nearly 1,000 members of the police force, in 20 police stations in Mangalore city including those from the traffic and women’s police stations.
It was a novel opportunity for the Centre to offer Islamic literature as gift to the policemen in a city where communal peace had often been on razor’s edge due to hate-mongering by vested interests. The whole operation was conducted smoothly and books were accepted with gratitude.
Mr. Hamid Mohsin said people in India were extremely peace-loving and given an opportunity, are keen to listen to the message of peace. He said Muslims would need to exercise wisdom and discretion rather than displaying supremacist idiom in conveying the message of their faith to non-Muslim brethren.