World Environment Day 2024:  Bengaluru Faces Garbage Dumping Issue Amid Tree Planting Drive

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World Environment Day 2024: Bengaluru Faces Garbage Dumping Issue Amid Tree Planting Drive

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BENGALURU: On World Environment Day 2024, environmentalist U S Moinuddin highlighted a pressing issue in Bengaluru many vacant sites are turning into garbage dumping grounds. Speaking at the event organized by Magnifique English School in Minhaj Nagar, Jhbcs Layout, Moinuddin urged residents to responsibly dispose of their waste to avoid health hazards and unhygienic conditions.

The school’s celebration supported the global movement “One Tree by One Person,” where students performed mimes and plays emphasizing tree planting and environmental conservation. An environmental quiz and a rally in support of the movement were also conducted. Students protested against the illegal dumping near their school and hospital, joined by BBMP workers and hospital staff.

Moinuddin, founder of the “One Tree by One Person” movement, which began in 2002, aims to encourage everyone to plant at least one tree in their lifetime. He noted that if each resident of

Bengaluru, with its population of 1.4 crore, planted a tree, the city would have an additional 1.4 crore trees.

Moinuddin’s movement has gained traction globally, inspiring people in countries like Bangladesh, Thailand, and the USA. He emphasized the role of tree planting in combating global warming, reducing city temperatures, and replenishing water tables. He also highlighted the importance of planting different types of trees suited to available spaces, from large trees like Rain trees and Mango trees to smaller ones like Silver Oaks.

Celebrated annually on June 5, World Environment Day 2024 focuses on “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience,” with Saudi Arabia as the host country.