‘Open Mosque Day’ in Pune

At least 100 people from different religions visited a mosque during the ‘Open Mosque Day’ held at Azam campus. Alisha Karpe, a second-year law student of New Law College, Bharti Vidyapeeth, said, “I wanted to know more about this religion and so I came to the campus.” Swati Thory, who hails from Jaipur, visited the mosque out of curiosity. “I live in an area where most of my neighbours are Muslims. I was always curious to know about the way the community members worship inside the mosque. It was interesting to see how they pray and why they say namaaz five times.”
Sanyogita Tiwari, who hails from Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh, said, “I always had questions on what is the notion of Allah, or what is Azan and I have got my answers.” Dhirendra Rajpurohit from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, said that many of his misconceptions were clarified. “It is a good platform to seek answers regarding the religion,” he said.
(Taken from www.hindustantimes.com) g


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