DYS workshop participant Mothilal shares

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A “Discover Yourself” workshop was held in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, in April 2019. Participant Mothilal shares his experiences:

The “Discover Yourself” workshop was a life-changing experience for me. It provided me many lessons and helped me recognise that the journey of life consists of mixed movements, ups and downs. Mentor Dr. Sadath Khan wonderfully feels the pulse of participants, and his workshop is designed even to reach a common man, providing insights that we do not find in regular academic books.
My special thanks to Mohammed Iqbal, my colleague, guide and well-wisher for inviting me to this workshop.
In the workshop I Iearned that one must always compare one’s life with the benchmark of Absolute Truth and that, instead of always being in the comfort zone, one should sometimes think out of the box. Another lesson is the importance of mutual respect, even with a small child. Forgiveness is means detachment with the past, and it brings one into the present, is yet another learning lesson I got. So too is the point that if you are in the present, success is in your hand.
I wish this programme reaches greater heights and helps plant seeds of transformation in every individual who participates in the workshop. For me personally, it was a major paradigm shift and life-changing experience. I trust it will help me deal with the challenges of life and enable me to live consciously.