Indian Pilgrim Narrates an Incredible Tale of His Two Wives at Haj


Indian Pilgrim Narrates an Incredible Tale of His Two Wives at Haj

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Yusuf Khan, a 46-year-old pilgrim from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, has a remarkable story that defies conventional beliefs. Married to Parveen Jahan for 24 years, their journey was initially marked by the absence of children, causing deep sorrow, especially for Khan’s parents who yearned for grandchildren. Despite medical interventions, their hope remained unfulfilled, compounded by the passing of Khan’s father without seeing his grandchildren. In the midst of this hardship, Parveen, a devoted teacher who cared tirelessly for Khan’s paralyzed mother, proposed a solution born out of profound love and desperation.

“Your mother wishes to see your children, and we have exhausted all options,” Parveen told Khan. “Perhaps marrying another woman is the only path left.” Though initially reluctant, Khan’s love for Parveen led him to consider her suggestion, acknowledging the possibility that the issue might lie with him. Overcoming his reservations, Khan agreed to Parveen’s proposal under the condition that any child born from a second marriage would belong to her.

Parveen diligently sought out Rehana Begum, a young widow from a neighboring town, for this purpose. Despite initial hesitations, Rehana and her family embraced the proposal, recognizing the sincerity of Khan and Parveen’s intentions. Parveen played a pivotal role in facilitating the marriage, surprising many in their community with her selflessness and grace.

Within a year, Rehana gave birth to a healthy son, fulfilling the agreement to hand him over to Parveen. While this brought immense joy to Khan’s family, it also brought emotional turmoil for Rehana, who grappled with the pain of parting with her child. Over time, Rehana and Khan were blessed with more children: daughter Sana, and sons Asim and Ayesha. Deeply moved by Parveen’s care for their firstborn, Rehana voluntarily entrusted Ayesha to her as well, fostering a unique bond within the family.

“She has cared for them as her own, surpassing what their biological mother could have done,” Khan remarked, acknowledging Parveen’s unwavering devotion. The children, aware of their unique family dynamic, cherish their relationship with Parveen, fostering a harmonious and loving environment.

Today, Yusuf Khan, accompanied by both wives, is on Hajj, expressing gratitude to Allah for the blessings bestowed upon their family. Reflecting on the profound happiness his children brought to his late mother’s life, Khan remains grateful for the sacrifices made by both Parveen and Rehana.

This tale of love, sacrifice, and faith is a testament to the resilience and compassion within Yusuf Khan’s extraordinary family, exemplifying the transformative power of selflessness and devotion. (Contact the author at [email protected])