The Divine Responsibility of Parenting


The Divine Responsibility of Parenting

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The world is a farm where we plant seeds and harvest a lavish crop in Jannah. The method of bringing up children is one of the most essential matters for attaining ranks in paradise. Children are entrusted to us as an Amanah (trust), and we will all return to Almighty Allah. Set a broader vision and involve efforts that solidify the bond with Allah and the Sunnah.

Children are amenable to being shaped and molded in any direction. If a child is habituated to evil and neglected, he will be wretched and fall to destruction, and his sin will be shared by those responsible for his upbringing. Conversely, if children are taught and habituated to be good, they will be felicitous in this world and the next, and their parents, teachers, and educators will all share in their reward.

Imam Al-Ghazali, a renowned 12th-century scholar, made significant contributions to social sciences, religion, and humanities. In his book Ihya Ul Ulumuddin, Al-Ghazali detailed parenting techniques and the rights of children. He emphasized that if someone leaves behind a religious son or daughter, they will pray for their parents, and the parents will receive the rewards of their child’s pious actions.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “A child will carry his/her parents toward paradise.” We should ponder these sayings if we truly want to please Allah Almighty. Children can be the warmth of the eye or a significant challenge, depending on our deeds and the treatment and training we provide them.

Imam Al-Ghazali mentions in his book Majmua Rasail, Vol 1, the verse from Surah Tahreem (verse 6): “O you who believe! Save yourself and your family from the fire of Hell.” When a father saves his child from the fires of this world, it is also obligatory upon him to save his child from the fire of Hell. The only way to do this is to teach the child manners, civilization, and the best of morals, and to protect them from bad companions and friends. He should not let the desire for physical beautification, fine dresses, ornamentation, and comfort-seeking settle in his child’s heart. Otherwise, the child, after growing up, will waste their precious life desiring and seeking these things and will be eternally destroyed by them. Instead, the father must keep a strict watch and care from a very early age.

The Necessity and Importance of Halal Food
Halal food has a significant influence on a righteous upbringing. The one who eats lawful (Halal) food and feeds milk has blessings in it. If the child is brought up with milk from unlawful (Haram) sources, evil permeates the child’s consciousness, psychology, and inner being, inclining them towards evil deeds.

When a parent feels that their child can discern between good and bad, comprehensive nurturing should begin. This phase is indicated by the appearance of initial signs of shyness (Haya). When the child realizes their respect and honor and refrains from certain actions, it shows the light of intelligence emerging within them. This consciousness is a glad tiding from Allah that the child, upon attaining puberty, will possess perfect intelligence.

Considering all these pedagogies will have a profound impact, Insha’Allah, and bring real charm to a family.