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Catholic Nuns Join Muslims for Iftar

Dehradun: A weekend course on interfaith dialogue proved a close encounter with Islam for a group of junior sisters of a Franciscan (Catholic) order r [...]

Ayodhya Temple Hosts Iftar for City Muslims

Ayodhya: A temple hosted an iftar for members of the Muslim community. The temple, Saryu Kunj is approximately 500 years old and is situated next to [...]

Malappuram Temple Hosts Iftar for Muslims

Malappuram: A Hindu temple in Kerala organised an iftar party for the Muslim community as part of the annual 'prathishta' (idol installation) ceremony [...]

Sikh Volunteers Gave Iftar Meals – Eid Gifts to Syrian Refugees Battling Hunger

Turning into a beacon of hope, volunteers of well-known NGO Khalsa Aid travelled to Lebanon and Iraq to make Ramadan meaningful and special for some 5 [...]

Sikhs and Hindus Host Iftar for Muslims

Jagraon: Iftar during Ramzan has always been special for members of the Muslim community at two villages in Jagraon as Sikh and Hindu villagers are th [...]

The Vatican’s Message to Muslims for Ramadan and Eid

"“Christians and Muslims: From Competition to Collaboration Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, In His Providence, God the Almighty has granted you t [...]

What does Ramadan Mean to Me?

By Kaunain Seher The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran; a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the crit [...]

Zakat and its Role in Social Empowerment

The ultimate purpose of giving Zakat is to create self-sufficient people who could, in future, move from being Zakat-takers to Zakat-givers. This need [...]
What Ramzan Means To Me

What Ramzan Means To Me

Ramzan is not simply about restraining ourselves from consuming food from dawn till dusk. We must also fast with our other senses"”in other words: see [...]

Growing Spiritually during Ramadan

Fasting inculcates in us patience, unselfishness, and gratitude. When we fast, we feel the pain of deprivation and hunger, and learn how to endure it [...]
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