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Dialogue only Way Forward for  Social Harmony: Cardinal Gracias

Dialogue only Way Forward for Social Harmony: Cardinal Gracias

Bengaluru: Cardinal Oswald Gracias, president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, says consistent dialogue with all sections of people [...]

South Asians Celebrate Passage of Resolution Opposing CAA and NRC by Seattle City Council

Seattle City Council became the first legislative body in the United States to take a stance on India's CAA and NRC, which have created turmoil in In [...]

CAA is “Divisive, Discriminatory”, Revoke “Immediately”: Goa Archbishop

Panaji: Archbishop of Goa and Daman, Rev Filipe Neri Ferrao, has urged the central government to "immediately and unconditionally revoke the Citizens [...]
MANUU Discusses Sufi Connection Between  India and Iran

MANUU Discusses Sufi Connection Between India and Iran

Hyderabad: 'Islamic Mysticism or Sufism is a significant part of intellectual heritage. This school of thought is very important and effective in [...]

Report Highlights Religious Shifts In USA

The United States is steadily becoming less Christian and the number of people with no religion is rising. Those are the twin headlines from the lat [...]

Saudi ends gender segregation in restaurants

Saudi Arabia has abolished rules requiring restaurants to provide separate entrances and areas for women and families and for male patrons dining alo [...]

Church Courtyard Turns Namaz Ground For CAA Protesters

Munavarali Shihab Thangal leading prayer in front of Kothamangalam Cheriya Palli KOCHI: St Thomas Church in Kothamangalam has sent out an importa [...]

Two Realms of Knowledge: Theological and Scientific

The major purpose of religion is to not to make technological advances, but to carry out 'inner engineering', and transformations, and make people vi [...]

UK Filmmaker to Combat Hatred and Extremism

A Muslim filmmaker who worked on a Star Wars film and has produced four short films for a £1.2m project to "tackle hatred, extremism and terrorism". R [...]

Muslims Have the Highest Life Satisfaction Suggests Study

Muslims people feel the most satisfied with their lives because they feel more 'oneness,' or connection than people of other faiths, a new study sugge [...]
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