Muslims Have the Highest Life Satisfaction Suggests Study

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Muslims people feel the most satisfied with their lives because they feel more ‘oneness,’ or connection than people of other faiths, a new study suggests. Measuring life satisfaction is about as close to quantifying ‘happiness’ as we have been able to get thus far, and a German psychologist’s new study suggests that a feeling of ‘oneness’ predicts overall contentment. And when the researchers divided their 67,562 survey respondents by religion, Muslims felt the greatest sense of oneness. The new research from the University of Mannheim, Germany, has revealed that Muslims are most satisfied with life, thanks to their belief in the concept of oneness. The study suggests that people who believe in a divine principle underlying all being and that all things in the world have a common source are more satisfied with their lives than those who do not share this belief. The single most important tenet in Islam is that of ‘Tawhid’. The belief that Allah is One with no partner or associate in His Lordship, divinity or names and attributes. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that Muslims feel the greatest sense of oneness.
Research from a number of disciplines, including religion, philosophy and psychology have suggested that varying types of connectedness lead to an over-arching sense of well-being. Unsurprisingly, atheists had the lowest level of satisfaction due to a disconnection to others or a higher power.