Demand for ASI Office in Vijayapura

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Vijayapura (formerly Bijapur): A demand has been made to locate an office of Archaeological Survey of India at Vijayapura, the North Karnataka city which was capital of Adilshahi Kingdom. Water resources minister of Karnataka M. B. Patil has urged the Central Government to set up an office in the city to take better care of world famous monuments like Gol Gumbaz (reportedly world’s largest masonry dome), Ibrahim Roza and Sat Kaman (seven arches), Sath Qabar (60 graves). He said the District hosts 81 nationally protected monuments. Besides, the city of Vijayapura has several medieval age bowdies (wells) which are interconnected with a subterranean network of pipes. These water bodies harvested rainwater (it may be noted that the rains in the area are scanty) and surpluses flowed out to tanks and wells at the lower gradient.