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Discovery Of God: The Source of True Bliss

Discovery Of God: The Source of True Bliss

One who has found God has found everything. After the discovery of God, no further discovery remains to be made. Thus, when a man has discovered God [...]
Higher Education……..  at Whose Cost?

Higher Education…….. at Whose Cost?

Is it right for young adults who can earn to expect their parents to pay hefty sums for their higher studies? By RelaMany young adults today [...]

A Different Sort of Schooling

Homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular option for parents, not just in the West but in countries like India too. Many people are becoming [...]

Many Arabs Now Reject Religious Extremism

The popularity of Muslim religious extremist groups will decline over the next 10 years in the Arab world. That is what a substantial number of resp [...]

My Sister’s Marriage

I have watched many movies and TV serials where I've seen daughters and sisters being married off, but never have I felt the same sort of pain as I f [...]

Prof Dr Syed Jahangir

Hyderabad teacher provides free education, food and shelter to under-privileged children. Hyderabad: To help less fortunate children, Prof Dr Syed [...]

Farha Naaz Parveen

Farha has qualified the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service Civil Judge [UP PCS (J)] 2018 exam without attending coaching institutes. The popular myth [...]

Think of Orphans

In the Holy Quran, God emphasises fulfilling the rights of orphans and asks us to be mild with them. By Shaban Ali As I observe the world and the [...]
KAICIID Board Speaks Out

KAICIID Board Speaks Out

On First UN Day for Victims of Religiously-Motivated Violence To mark the first International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based [...]
Students’ Mental Health in Yemen

Students’ Mental Health in Yemen

A Yemeni Professor Sounds an Urgent Call to Help Traumatized Students. The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the largest in the world, according to th [...]
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