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Uqba bin Nafe: The conqueror of Africa

Uqba bin Nafe: The conqueror of Africa

Abu Tariq Hijazi No one in history ever conquered North Africa from east to west in a short period of one decade. But Uqba bin Nafe did it during th [...]

Misreading of a Sensible Judgment

Verdict on Section 377 Nothing in the judgment targets any group, but supporters of Western agenda miss no opportunity to plump for complete disinteg [...]

K. Rahman Khan on Sachar Report Implementation

By A Staff Writer The Govt. of India has made provision of 15% of all allocations for social development from all schemes in ministries such as educa [...]

Treat Your Spouse the Way You Would Like to be Treated

Good marriages require patience, kindness, humility, sacrifice, empathy, love, understanding, forgiveness, and hard work. Following these principles s [...]

A Story of Gratitude and Self-Balancing Acts

It was a Sunday ritual for me to sit and take care of the poor. A line of needy people would pass in front of my house. I was fascinated by one such [...]
1 8 9 1095 / 95 POSTS