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In the Holy Quran, God emphasises fulfilling the rights of orphans and asks us to be mild with them.

By Shaban Ali
As I observe the world and the gorgeous life of the rich and the menial life of the poor, it pains me that all humans have been created equal, but we have made many boundaries and limits of distinction and privileges among people.
In the Holy Quran, God emphasises fulfilling the rights of orphans and asks us to be mild with them. He warns the guardians of orphans who eat their wealth by cheating. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself was an orphan. Later, he became a shelter for orphans. He knew how it feels to be an orphan, so he took care of helpless orphans.
Normally, people think an orphan is unblessed and that he is deprived of all pleasures. But, if we view things from the Islamic perspective, an orphan is the most beloved to Allah and his prayers are answered soon. To be an orphan is not a sign of helplessness, because the one who has lost his father, his guardian is Allah. I dare to say that we are really very cruel and treat orphans unjustly. We have a heart that only beats, but is not laced with pain, passion and love. We know only our own requirements and forget others’ needs. The Prophet Muhammad instructed us to like for others what we like for ourselves. The best is he who devotes himself to help the people, the Prophet taught.
But in our society, many orphans are compelled to beg. It is not the age when pious rulers and governors searched for orphans and helped them at midnight. I have read that, years back, people used to go to orphan’s house to cater to their needs. But now the people have totally changed. It is a bitter fact now that the orphans visit home after home to meet their needs. Morality is dying, and we are complicit in burying it deep.
In our society, orphans are thirsty for our love and care. Like everyone else, orphans have a heart, and they have needs. They wish to live dignified lives. It is our responsibility to serve them.
(The writer is former student of Darul Umoor, Srirangapatna, now based in Bangalore)