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Hyderabad teacher provides free education, food and shelter to under-privileged children.

Hyderabad: To help less fortunate children, Prof Dr Syed Jahangir, Head of the Department of Arab Studies, EFL (English and Foreign Language) University, provides them free education, three meals a day and accommodation at his small educational institution.
Prof Jahangir teaches languages, social and political science to the poor children. “I believe that weaker sections have a greater need for quality education. If we want our children to get the best education possible then they should get the best teacher rather than a great school.” He has started an educational centre where children can learn multiple languages like English, Sanskrit, Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi.
Some former and current students shared their experiences. “I am from Bihar. I have been studying here for the last three years. Whatever we need is provided by Sir. I am happy to be studying here,” said Mohammed Sadiq, a student. Abdul Aleem said: “I studied here eight years ago and I am here now as a science teacher. Today the cost of education is so high that many young people give up their dream of being educated, while many others graduate with debts. But here, we provide quality education and create a passion for learning amongst the students.”
(For more details, see newindianexpress.com)