UK Filmmaker to Combat Hatred and Extremism

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A Muslim filmmaker who worked on a Star Wars film and has produced four short films for a £1.2m project to “tackle hatred, extremism and terrorism”.
Rizwan Wadan, 38, who lives in Luton (UK), is behind The Error in Terror project and wants to “give Muslims a voice”. He said “negativity” towards Muslims is “getting worse”. By taking skills learnt “stabilising cameras” in the industry, he wants to “stabilise the world”, he said. “Positive stories need to be highlighted,” he said, so he put in £70,000 of his own money to get the project off the ground along with funding from other investors. He has made four films that have been inspired by “tragic real life events”: Martyrs: a story about acts of far-right terrorism. Characters: a drama about making people to rethink their views. Terrorism Has No Religion: a film intended to deter acts of terrorism. The Bag Thief: a comedy short about conceptions of a Muslim with a bag
“There is so much negativity in films, drama, news and since 9/11. It’s getting worse and worse,” Wadan said. “If the visual image is dividing us, then it’s through the visual image we can bring people together.” Wadan is based at Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire and he said he had ambitions to start a British Muslim Film Institute.
(Taken from BBC News)