Dialogue only Way Forward for Social Harmony: Cardinal Gracias

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Bengaluru: Cardinal Oswald Gracias, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, says consistent dialogue with all sections of people is important and necessary to maintain unity and harmony in society.”Dialogue is the tapestry of different cultures, languages and ethnic diversity and the Church has always stood for service of society,” the cardinal, who is also the Archbishop of Bombay, told a press conference on February 12, the eve of the bishops’ conference’s 34th biennial plenary session. The February 13-19 meet at the St John’s Academy of Medical Sciences chose the theme “Dialogue: The Path to Truth and Charity.”
Cardinal Gracias called for a variety of dialogues, particularly cultural dialogue for the whole country. As a new decade begins, the Catholic Church in India will move forward to dialogue with all groups in society. This could include civic bodies, government and non-governmental organizations so as to create a peaceful and a harmonious environment for all to live as true citizens of the rich land, India, the cardinal said.
The cardinal, one of the six consultants of Pope Francis, assured all Indian citizens that the Church in India would continue to live the gospel values of peace, joy and harmony and always work for the whole humanity.
Cardinal Gracias also reiterated his stand that the federal government should hold dialogue with those opposing the controversial Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) and come to an arrangement on finding a way forward with justice, equity and fairness.
“There is no harm in backtracking and changing the course if it is necessary for the good of the country and our people,” he said and recalled that he had expressed the same views on CAA and dialogue soon after Christmas.
Answering a wide range of questions along with Bishop Joshua Mar Ignathios, CBCI Vice President and Interim Secretary General, he said the Catholic Church in India was committed to the idea of dialogue and believes that dialogue with diverse groups in society, different religions, ethic and cultural entities including all civic bodies, governmental and non-governmental organizations was necessary for creating a peaceful and harmonious environment for all to live as true citizens. CardinalGracias said dialogue was the only way to resolve the present impasse on CAA in national interest.
(Extracted from mattersindia.com)