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IRCICA to Hold Meet on Arts and Handicrafts

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The Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA), Istanbul, and the Organisation for Culture and Islamic Relations, Islamic Republic of Iran, will be jointly organising the “Tehran International Congress on the Features, Characteristics and Cultural and Economic Contribution of Arts and Handicrafts” accompanied by an exhibition of Albums, Catalogues and books published
in the field of Arts and Handicrafts. The event will take place in Tehran on September 16 to 20, 2012. The congress aims among others, to explore the means that can be provided for an optimal use of this sector of activity in the cultural and tourism areas and that can generate benefits for the tourism sector when it is linked with arts, heritage and handicrafts, the latter to be studied in its actual state and its development perspectives. The congress will also underline the need to preserve the authenticity of these traditional skills and
to promote them by available means. Participants in the congress will include professionals and experts working in the field, institutions dealing with the development of handicrafts, all from within and outside the Muslim world. The congress program will include an exhibition of albums, catalogues, books, documentary films, posters, photographs and brochures produced in the
fields of arts and handicrafts. In this regard, each participating country will be invited to display its publications. The congress will discuss the social, economic and tourism aspects, marketing of the arts and handicrafts products, heritage aspect and efforts to
preserve the authenticity and traditions, cultural dialogue and mutual influences; cultural dialogue and mutual influences,
education, training, the role of  the government and effort of the private sector, media and the duty of creating awareness about
the importance of the sector. Those desirous of participation and presenting papers on the above cited themes can contact: Nr. Nazeih Maruf, Head, Crafts Development program, IRCICA, Yildiz Sarayi, Yaveran Binasi, Barbaros Bulari 34349, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey,
Email: [email protected]