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Islamic Voice is a monthly Islamic magazine published in Bangalore. It is the largest English language Muslim publication in India. It is a comprehensive magazine, places a relatively high emphasis on social issues and strives to have a broad appeal. Since 1987, Islamic Voice has covered its fascinating namesake without fear or favour, with insight, accuracy, thoroughness and a well rounded perspective on a variety of subjects - be it the economy, politics, lifestyle, the arts, entertainment, travel, science, technology or health. That's why Islamic Voice is the country's most widely read publication, a position it has held for more than a decade. And that's why it makes sense to subscribe to Islamic Voice. We represents all Muslim sects and shades of thought from all over India. We focus on "our" triumphs which, mostly, go unreported as well as constructively addresses our failures and shortcomings. Editor-in-Chief: A.W. Sadatullah Khan Genre: Current Affairs associated with Muslims Subjects Covered: Human Rights I Analysis I Special Reports I Issues I Book Reviews I National I International I Newsmakers I Community News I Islamic Perspectives I Classifieds I Opinions Focus articles on: Education and Children I Inter-faith Relations I Matrimony I Muslim economy I Muslim Perspective I The Muslim world I Society I Travel I The Western viewpoint I Women in Islam Special focus on Faith and Law: Fiqh I Hadith I Quran

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Direct Taxes Code is Anti-Religion: AIMPLB

Direct Taxes Code is Anti-Religion: AIMPLB

The AIMPLB has opposed changes in the RTE Act, Tax Code, and has issued an ultimatum to the UPA government. The 22nd general body meeting of the Al [...]
Every Third Muslim in Urban India is Poor

Every Third Muslim in Urban India is Poor

The Planning Commission of India, in its latest poverty estimates, has claimed that the number of poor Indians "“ both in urban and rural areas "“ h [...]

Patience or Anger

America in the Post 9/11 World "A moment of patience in a moment of anger prevents a thousand moments of regret...." Hazrat Ali. The tragic events [...]

A Modern Centre for Training of Urdu Teachers

The Centre for Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teachers (CPDUMT) under the Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) here, has so far impa [...]

No Happy Augury

The outcome of elections in the five states"”Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarkhand, Manipur, and Goa"”have amply demonstrated that United Progressive Alli [...]

“Muslims give more to charity in Britain”: Evans

British High Commission hosts Iftaar By Abdul Bari Masoud New Delhi: Muslims give more to charity than any other faith group in Britain. This was [...]
Jackie Yi-Ru Ying  and  Omar MwannesYaghi Win Mustafa Prize

Jackie Yi-Ru Ying and Omar MwannesYaghi Win Mustafa Prize

Iran has announced the recipients of the inaugural Mustafa Prize. In the field of Nano-biotechnology sciences, it is awarded to Jackie Yi-Ru Ying fr [...]

Third Shah Waliullah Dehlavi Lecture We find a model in Prophet Muhammad's (Pbuh) life on how to establish peace in a multicultural society. By Sufia [...]
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