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Title: Rizq & Lawful Earnings
Author: Darussalam Research Division, Golden Advice Series
Darussalam Publications
Year: 2014
Number of pages: 74
Price: Rs. 220
by Haris Farazuddin Farooqui
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This book, which contains three chapters, packs a lot of content and explanation of hadiths and Quranic verses with regards to seeking a halal income and keeping away from haram transactions. The book lays emphasis on placing reliance on Allah for our sustenance and not fearing poverty. It is Allah who provides for us, and it is our duty to strive for what has been decreed for us. We can never get what Allah has not decreed for us.
On the Day of Judgment, the son of Adam will be questioned about five things, amongst them is from where he earned and where he spent. The Ibadah of a person living on haram earnings will not be accepted by Allah. The book explains in great detail the forbidden methods of earning money and encourages buying and selling as the best permissible channels of generating halal wealth.
The book further explains that Muslims should shun laziness and consider work as a form of worship to Allah by taking up different professions. Wealth is regarded as an important essential of support for both religious and worldly affairs. Wealth earned through lawful earnings is a goal that serves to encourage people to do righteous deeds.
The book explains in great detail how one can increase one’s lawful earnings. Some of them are repentance, having faith in Allah, avoiding sins, striving for halal provisions, giving charity to those in need and being kind to the poor, prayer, God-consciousness, supplications, being grateful to Allah, making the hereafter one’s main concern, and so on.
The book motivates one to work for a halal income and avoid disobedience to Allah.