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Can money be earned in a passionate way? The real taste of earning happens, and the worth of spending begets a meaning when we earn our money out of Passionate work.

By Mohammed Aslum

Money is a very essential part of every man’s life. The very purpose of earning money is to lead a happy, peaceful successful contented life. In today’s scenario working in a company/office/industry for a fixed time is the prime source of earning money for a majority of the people. In this case a career should be in such a way it fetches money to lead a life of happiness rather than the means of earning the money itself draining the peaceful life of that person. In the end its all peace and tranquillity we are longing for, even after being successful in n number of ways.
We always use a phrase called hard earned money…. “Is it mandatory for an individual to earn money through strenuous strain or tension and toil?” Can money be earned in a passionate way? The real taste of earning happens and the worth of spending begets a meaning when we earn our money out of Passionate work.
The Current Working Model of the Career Market!
Students graduate in bulk in a specific area of study. They acquire a set of skills that is imparted during their curricular education. Apart from their curriculum also, they develop certain set of skills during their period of education. The job market in turn needs a “combination of a set of skills” and the job seeker is rejected even if a small part of the entire combo is not found in them. And in the rat race, only a few lucky people who have acquired a major part of the required skills in their college times itself find it easy to secure a safe space in the Corporate world. The other major part of the job seekers struggle to survive not just because they are unfit but because they are not “FIT TO THE MARK”.
So” Is it a condition where there are not enough jobs to cater to the needs of the job seekers?” The answer is never a direct NO. Then if we introspect “where lies the problem?” the answer comes like this :The problem begins to rise when there is a mismatch in the skill set required for a particular career/job profile and the skill set of the ready to be employed students.
It also does not mean that the students do not have a specific combination of skills to survive in this world. So in this condition, if the student/graduate can rely on the skills that he already has rather than what is required by the market, the scenario takes a new dimension giving rise to this concept of Freelancing.

What is Freelancing?
Freelancing is a simple concept where a student/graduate/ready to be employed youth uses his skills on short term projects to earn money. A freelancer is self employed and does not depend on anyone.

To whom does Freelancing work?
It works for people who prefer doing a variety of work rather doing same work for a longer span of time.
It works for people who are ready to face challenges and take risks.
It works for people who have the eagerness to learn new things everyday

What makes freelancing, an attractive option?
It frees up an individual from being stuck up in a long term commitment in a particular job.
It brings in diversity in the projects we do, thereby reducing monotony.
It compensates the failure of one project by success in other projects.
Doing projects of different nature, keeps the brain activity live and makes the brain even more efficient.
If we manage projects efficiently one can earn many folds than one earns in a fixed employment.
And freelancing offers a luxury of taking a long break anytime.
Who are less advised to take up freelancing!
People who feel secure in a 9-5 job.
People who have long term family commitments and need security in a fixed job.
People who are less interested in managing many things at a time.
People who prefer regularity in schedule and work
What kind of skills of the Freelancers skills fetches money?
Small skills ranging from typing, proof reading to complex programming, game development etc find their place in Freelancing domain. Nearly every type of service a business would need could be provided by a freelancer, including (but not limited to), marketing, such as social media marketing, copywriting, and publicity, writing, such as articles and blog posts, technological support, such as web programming and design, creative works such as graphic design, and financial support, such as bookkeeping.

What should one do to become a freelancer?
One should rightly identify his innate skills
Identify the skills which have more market value and need in the current scenario
Improve and develop skills based on the needs
Find out projects and start working on them.

Where can one find projects?
There are a lot of sites listing projects for freelancers, Freelancers.com is one among them
Newspaper ads also call for Freelance projects
Colleges/Schools employ freelance trainers for their classes
There are many freelancers’ forums where we can enrol and get exposed to projects.

Few Freelancing sites in India
1) Worknhire.com
2) TouchTalent.com
3) FreelanceIndia.com
4) HiFreelancer.com
5) Youth4Work.com
6) Freelancer.in
7) Truelancer.com
8) DesignHill.com
So use your skills to earn not only money, but a passionate living. Happy Freelancing.
(Mohammed Aslum is the Chief Passion Mentor @ Mine2Shine School of Passion Navigation and can be contacted at [email protected]/9789186428)