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Extremist Threat to Peace in Africa

Reports emanating from states in western Africa make a disturbing reading. Extremist outfits like Boko Haram in Nigeria and Ansar Deen in Mali and Nig [...]

Islamists in Governments

Arab Spring and overthrow of autocratic regimes in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya has heralded the democratic era in the three states. Islamists having been [...]

Prisoners of the Past

Old"”be they things, formulas, methods, or patterns"” always looks comfortable. It is so because it is known, seen, tested and tried. New, stranger as [...]

A Step Back in Time

Saudis' penchant for craziness knows no end. The Saudi Arabian government's decision to officially ban use of English and Gregorian calendar is one mo [...]

Dancing to Israeli Tunes

Fresh and crippling US sanctions against Iran seeking to prevent it from being a nuclear weapon-capable state have almost blown the bugle for a new wa [...]

Desperation in the Saffron Ranks

Frustration is building up into desperation in the ranks of the right wing Hindutva  extremists. They are increasingly demonstrating  their restivenes [...]

Loud on Rhetoric

The Muslim Personal Law Board has once again proved that it is loud on rhetoric and short on fulfilling its own responsibility of initiating reforms w [...]
1 9 10 11107 / 107 POSTS