Dancing to Israeli Tunes

A Welcome Ruling
Beware of Fake News
No Less Than a Tragedy

Fresh and crippling US sanctions against Iran seeking to prevent it from being a nuclear weapon-capable state have almost blown the bugle for a new war in the Gulf. Sanctions are least likely to work in the case of Iran when they failed to cow down a much weaker Iraq for over a decade. The support of 401 members of the House of Representatives””from the ranks of both Republicans and the Democrats voted in favour of the resolution against mere 11 who opposed””is reflective of the strong clout that Israeli lobby plays in passing of key legislations. It also serves as an index of the subordination of the US foreign policy to Israeli interests and vying
between the two parties to appease the chief Israeli lobby AIPAC within the United States.

The sanctions betray the doublespeak that characterizes the US foreign policy in an area as vital as the Middle East. It was current Defence Secretary Leon Panetta himself (during his CIA tenure) who had exonerated Iran from the charge of pursuing nuclear weapons. Yet his counsel has been ignored under pressure from the Zionist lobby. The bill in the House does not even hint of illegal nuclear capability acquired by Israel, let alone looking at its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, usurpation of agricultural and water resources and erection of the 375-km apartheid wall to isolate the Palestinian population. Charges of terrorism apply
more aptly on Israel and the United States rather than Iran. It is the Israeli agents who have been behind killing of Iranian scientists rather than the vice versa. As for allegations of detentions and torture, the US stands accused more than Iran. The US has the largest population of detained persons and has been accused of human rights violation in more number of cases.

Overall, the situation suggests that the US is being led into a war against Iran by the same forces who created the chimera of Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction which later turned out to be complete lies. And innocent taxpayers in the US are being persuaded to dig their pocket more deeply to flick out the last coin in securing the rogue state of Israel, a US-British implant in the Middle East.