NEIEA Explores New Vistas in Education

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NEIEA Explores New Vistas in Education

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The mainstream model of education is symbolized by a school building, classrooms, onsite teachers, chalk and blackboard. This involves huge investment on infrastructure even though it caters to a limited number of students from surrounding areas. However, consequent to rapid technological progress, education is undergoing a paradigm shift whereby such shortcomings are overcome and education can be imparted to a huge number of students with less cost and without restriction of time and place. Adapting itself to such new challenges, NEIEA (New Equitable and Innovative Educational Association) has embraced Disruptive model of education to provide personalized learning experiences, enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes. NEIEA, a non-profitable registered organization established in April 2022 has embarked on a transformative journey with the core objective of uplifting the social and economic status of marginalized sections of society, regardless of caste, race, region or religion.

Blended Learning Approach
Traditional school education provides education to students who can afford and who are fortunate to get admission in such schools and enter their classrooms. There are a huge number of children who are out of school, who are drop-outs and also those who are not receiving mainstream education in madrasas. NEIEA provides mass education to a significant number of students located in different parts of the country. Trained teachers deliver high quality lessons through online platforms such as Google Meet, Google Classroom and google Docs. While students with a mobile can access this learning individually, NEIEA has introduced an innovative Blended Learning Approach. Any school, organization, madrasa or even an NGO in any State can install basic equipment facilitating online teaching in a room and enroll students for providing free teaching and tutoring. A Mentor teacher can help and guide the students at this facility. The NEIEA model of education makes it convenient for students to learn at any time between 6 AM to 10 PM. There is no restriction on the number of students who wish to get enrolled since technology allows multiple access. NEIEA pattern is a boon for girl students, slum children, drop-outs, madrasa students and marginalized students in public and private schools.

Discourse Oriented Pedagogy
Another innovative teaching methodology by NEIEA is to adopt a Discourse oriented Pedagogy (DOP). The DOP developed by Dr. K. N. Anandan (an expert in this field), fosters critical thinking and conceptual understanding among students, quite different from rote learning and memorization common in mainstream schools. NEIEA offers a range of courses like preparatory classes for secondary education through the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), English speaking courses, Mathematics courses and Courses spanning from foundational to higher secondary levels.

Impactful Reach
NEIEA has already made significant strides in transforming education. Educational institutions, NGO’s and Madrasas are being roped in so as to achieve a goal of enrolling 50,000 children. Over 8,000 students have been provided with 100% free education so far. Learners in the age group of 6 to 14 years are benefitting from NEIEA’s initiatives in more than 70 educational institutions across India. More than 50 towns and cities across India are served by NEIEA. Ten Madrasas have tied up with NEIEA for providing mainstream academic education to the madrasa students. NEIEA is poised to bring about a revolution in the field of education.

Teacher Training
Teacher Training is an embedded aspect of the working of NEIEA. More than 1400 teachers have already been trained. An untrained beginner is trained everyday by the experienced Mentor Teacher. He/She is taught Pedagogy and is shown how pedagogy has been used in lesson planning. They are made familiar with technology and are given exposure to the delivery of lessons so as to equip them for independent handling of onsite learning platforms.

Dr. Javeed Mirza

 The visionary Founder and President of NEIEA Mr. Javeed Mirza says that his dream is to bring quality education to the underprivileged youth of India which should be Innovative, Transformational and Equitable. Mr. Javeed Mirza is a highly motivated and dynamic Educator, Entrepreneur and Community activist. He did his B.E with distinction from Osmania University, Hyderabad and went on to obtain M.A in Political Economy and Ph.D (ABD) in Economics from New School University, New York. He is ably supported by a group of professional educationists who are dedicated to advancing educational goals, advocating Quality embedded education with Innovative Pedagogy, Inclusive Cultural constructs and Cutting-Edge Technology.

Drop-outs, academically weak students and any school which is lacking in quality teachers can benefit from the non-profit NEIEA and get the benefit of professional on-line and on-site teaching and tutorials. Madrasas can also obtain tutoring to prepare their inmates for taking up secondary examinations of the NIOS distance education scheme.

NEIEA is the story of a group of educators, activists and visionaries who came together driven by a common mission: to bridge the education gap and create a brighter future to marginalized and weaker sections of society for generations to come.