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The Mashal Team has undertaken tree planting as part of the ‘Go Green’ initiative. 

By Thanvier Thangalvadi

Mashal Educational and Charitable Trust (MECT) is a registered not-for-profit charity organisation founded a year ago by a group of individuals  from the small  town of Vaniyambadi, 200 kms north west of Chennai. The 3-day Discover Yourself Workshop conducted by Sadathullah Khan, organised by the then budding Mashal Team did wonders in inspiring the MECT volunteers to take up several socially purposeful initiatives in Vaniyambadi.
MECT has undertaken numerous projects worth over Rs. 14 lakhs over the past one year by way of  helping poor and deserving kids with their tuition fees, an interest-free financial loan to revert brothers/sisters/family to be self-sufficient or to get them out of money lenders’ clutches, helping brothers/sisters in need of critical medical attention who could not afford the expenses, build or renovate mosques in remote localities, facilitate water resources for these mosques, or planting trees in the township, assisting people with conducting free medical camps, conducting career guidance programmes and encouraging students to consider IITs, civil services as career options, or encouraging school kids with enhancing imagination and intellectual thought process by conducting science programs and competitions in schools. MECT has provided help wherever there was an opportunity to contribute constructively to the community.
Recently, as part of ‘Go Green’ initiatives, the task of planting 200 trees on the bed of the river Paalar was undertaken on February 4, 2013. This project is being done under the leadership of chairperson Dr. Neelufar Kafeel. Several NSS student volunteers from Islamiah College (Autonomous), Islamiah Boys Higher Secondary School and Khaderia Higher Secondary School participated in this event. MECT will be planting over 1,500 trees as part of their ‘Go Green’ initiatives. The actual goal is to make the town green and clean by reviving the Sunnah of our Prophet. 
MECT is always on the look-out for like-minded individuals to join hands in their many endeavours and to work with them to improve the quality and standards of living for all sections of the community, not just the needy ones, whether it’s social, financial, infrastru-ctural, spiritual, healthcare, educational or any other cause
Those  who wish to learn more about MECT or donate funds or provide logistical support to any of the initiatives, can contact: No: 66, Casa Major Road, Anand Apartments, Egmore, Chennai – 600 008, Tamil Nadu,   Cell: 9445518094. Email: [email protected]. Syed Saifullah or Thanvier Thangalvadi, MECT – VP Communications.