3rd Shafi’i Fiqhi Seminar concludes in Kerala – Ulema ponder over new challenges in Islamic frame: Maulana Rahmani

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3rd Shafi’i Fiqhi Seminar concludes in Kerala – Ulema ponder over new challenges in Islamic frame: Maulana Rahmani

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Ochira, Kerala: The third 3-day Shafi’i Fiqhi Seminar hosted by Majmaul Imam Ash Shafie Al Alami Academy came to a successful conclusion here on January 15. The general secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, who was present at the concluding session, urged the ulema, scholars, and fiqhi jurists to discuss current problems and difficulties in the context of the Quran and Hadees.
In his remarks, Maulana Rahmani acknowledged his delight with the seminar’s activities. He called Ulemas attention to the concerns brought on by new technology, particularly the expanding use of the internet, and he reminded them that they also needed to consider problems with online trading and filming. Can we follow an Imam leading namaz in Haram Sharif via online video to do namaz? He added that this issue also needs to be thought upon.
Imam Ash Shafae Al Alami Academy’s academic and research work was praised by Maulana Rahmani for advising believers on modern challenges. He asked the Ulema assembly to maintain its unity and resist the plots of outside conspirators. Stop the advance of western civilization and thwart attempts to turn away the next generation of Muslims from Islam. Maulana Rahmani who authored several books is also the general secretary of Fiqh Academy of India and the head of Al Mahad Ul Aali Al Islami, Hyderabad.
The seminar featured papers on a variety of topics, including Royat -e- Hilal (moon sighting), Sadaqat al-Fitr, collective sacrifice, insurance, and relationships with non-Muslim brethren. A number of suggestions were also presented and approved in accordance with Shafae jurisprudence. Additionally, Maulana Rahmani was present during the Darul Uloom Islami annual gathering. In the end, 23 madrasa graduates received certificates. In his speech, Maulana Rahmani warned the students of Shakil bin Hanif, a new fitnah (a heretical rebellion). He said that many upright Muslims were victims of this fitnah. He also spoke at length about the unity issue in the Muslim community.