Controversy Surrounds ‘Rescue’ of Children Headed to Madrasas in Uttar Pradesh

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Controversy Surrounds ‘Rescue’ of Children Headed to Madrasas in Uttar Pradesh

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Lucknow: Two days following the Ayodhya Child Welfare Committee’s assertion of rescuing 95 children allegedly being trafficked to Uttar Pradesh from Bihar, parents of over 50 children have appealed for their return, claiming they willingly sent them to study in the madrasas.

The CWC, in collaboration with the UP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, claimed to have intercepted the children, aged 6 to 15, from a bus in Ayodhya. However, parents assert that the children were returning to the madrasas after spending the Ramzan holidays at home in Bihar.

The controversy unfolded when Virender Kumar Singh from the Mission Mukti Foundation spotted the children near a dhaba in Gorakhpur, initiating efforts for their “rescue.”

While the Ayodhya CWC maintains that the children will be released if they consent to studying in the madrasas, parents allege not being allowed to meet their children.

As parents rush to UP to retrieve their children, questions arise regarding the necessity of consent letters for children traveling to madrasas and the handling of the situation by state agencies.